Week 11 Training for #7

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Long runs are done, in the book…bring on race day.  These two quote are how I felt after my sunday long run, I am ready.  I am ready to start, run and finish.  I am ready to feel accomplished in finishing another half marathon.  I am ready to be exhausted, I am ready to be in pain, BUT I am ready to finish strong.

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Week 11

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training-Stretch and strength training
  • Tuesday- 5 mile run- 5 mile run
  • Wednesday-10 x 400 5k pace run-10 x 400 5k pace run + 20 minute HIIT strength
  • Thursday- 3 mile run-Rest
  • Friday – Rest-3 mile run
  • Saturday-3 mile pace- 3 mile pace…GOOD pace Run
  • Sunday- 12 mile run-12 mile run- great final long run:)

Week 12

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training
  • Tuesday- 4 mile run
  • Wednesday-30 minutes run
  • Thursday- Rest
  • Friday – Rest 
  • Saturday-RACE DAY!!

Happy running, happy training:)



Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.20.10 PMA main push to start this blog was to log my training, so it is very obvious I LOVE TO RUN.  It sounds so cliché, really who loves to run.  Well I am shouting out loud “I LOVE TO RUN”.   I live in a small town of 4500 people, so I run up and down every street year round(weather permitting-I live in Minnesota).  So people see me run, and I get asked “How far do you run, how do you do it, why do you do it”.  I simply answer it is something I can do for myself and I feel good when I am done.

I was not “born” a runner, I hated running in school, complained with all of them.  Especially when it came to run the timed mile for physical fitness.  I only ran when I had to, when someone forced me.  As a competitor I ran it and I ran as hard as I could because I had a goal of making the presidential physical fitness.  Do they even have anymore?
 Then in my mid twenties, I was still physically active but was not burning the same calories as I once did in my teens.  So I started to run at the gym on a treadmill.  I was not the fastest nor could I last a long time.  Starting out I did a lot of intervals, 2 minutes run 2 minutes walk and I just gradually built my stamina to run for longer periods of time.  I began to running outside which was different, it felt more difficult.  I did not have the belt under me pushing me, but I began to push myself.  Running outside I would mentally challenge myself to run one more block, run to that stop sign or that house.
Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.22.23 PM
I was 27 when I entered my first 5k, it was for our local summer festival, so not a big race.  I remember feeling extremely nervous.  I felt I trained well for it but this was my first “race”.  Garmin set, headphones on I took off with all the other runners.  I was truly in aha of everyone participating in this event.  I know something clicked after this first run, I wasn’t hooked but I was enjoying running.  I ran a few smaller 5k and some 10k but was ready to challenge myself when I turned thirty and had my second child.  I wanted something bigger, more difficulty.  I was ready for my first half marathon.  I asked my husband if he would be interested, and him being a non-runner but a competitive athlete he agreed.  So two months after having my second child I began training for my first half marathon.  And not just any half marathon but Gary Bjorklund/Grandmas Half marathon in Duluth MN.  This is a well know race so I set my standard high and I was ready.  We trained together and really pushed each other.  Race day came and we were both extremely nervous, like go to the bathroom nervous.  The national anthem was playing as we were standing in line for the bathrooms, but we made it to the race line in time.  We were amongst 6,000 plus runners.  I ran this ½ marathon in 2 hour and 5 minutes.  I was happy I finished but disappointed in my time and that my husband beat me.  This did not ruin my spirit of the day I was happy I finished and was among an unbelievable atmosphere of runners.
As we sat down to watch the marathoner come into the finish, I was overwhelmed with emotions.  The memory still gives me goose bumps.  Seeing the lead car turn the corner with anticipation knowing the lead marathoner was making their way.  Like the WAVE you see the crown begin to stand, clap and cheer.  Here they come…and boy were they booking it.  What a speed 25 plus miles later they are coming into the finish at such a strong speed yet they look so eloquent and poised.  It was at this moment my thinking about running changed.  I no longer looked at it as exercise or a chore but as a sport.  A sport I am now proud to be a part of.  After my first ½ marathon experience, I knew I was not done running.
Since June 2008, I have finished 2 marathons,  5 half marathons, one Warrior Dash, several 10k’s and continue to participate in our local 5k.  1/2 marathon PR is 1:48:33 and 10K of 45:09. I  To add to this I  finished my 5 season as boys and girls assistant cross-country coach.   I continue to LOVE running and all that it gives me, now I get to share this with young athletes.




Running after the Marathon

run heart.


I have enjoyed just RUNNING the past two week.  Not running for pace, time or distance.  Being able to go outside for a run without my NIKE TOM TOM is freeing.  Being able to run with the cross country team and not have to stress about getting the distance in or the pace in is freeing.  JUST RUNNING IS FREEING:)

Running for the week of October 26-November 1

  • Monday- 4 mile recovery run with team
  • Tuesday-Rest,
  • Wednesday- about 3.5 miles with team
  • Thursday- Cross Country Section meet
  • Friday- 4 miles with team
  • Saurday- Rest
  • Sunday- 42 minute run, about 5 miles

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 2.49.39 PM

Thursday was our section cross country meet, were our teams best 7 runners compete for top individaul and team honors to qualify for the state cross country meet.  Our seaason is extending one more week as we have two young talented runners headed to state.  Go EAGLES!!





FINAL Marathon Training week 18

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.04.09 PM

I DID IT!! 2nd Marathon complete:)

What a week I have had leading up to the big race.  A race you put so much time and energy(mental and physical).  My sinuses really flared up after my 10 mile Sunday long run.  I tried to ignore it but woke up Monday, got ready for work and my husband said I looked and sounded awful.  I decided to stay home and called the dr.  Doctors said my ears were full of mucus and since I had been dealing with it for almost a week she gave me a prescription antibiotic.  I went home and slept but as the day and evening went on I was still not feeling better.   Tuesday I tried work, only to go home at 12:00 pm, but upon going home I stopped at the local pharmacy to pick up a Netti Pot sinus rinse and then to a local DoTerra seller for the BREATH oil.  At this point I was desperate to fell better. On to Wednesday, I tried work again only to go home at 12:00 pm.

So three days on a prescription antibiotic, two days with a DOterra Oil and netti pot treatments, more sleep than ever and I pushed myself out the door to run 3 miles.  At this point I was getting nervous about the marathon and my health not improving.  The run felt OK, my pace was fine but it was heard to breath.  

I continued to struggle through the remainder of the week, getting slightly better every day.  


Mankato Marathon, I finished it was about 10 minutes faster than my first.  Super happy that I beat my Duluth Grandmas Marathon time.  The breeze throughout the morning picked up and on the last 2 miles I was finding it hard to breath, more do to the cold I have been getting over but the dry wind did not help.  I was definitely wheezy as I made my way to the finish.  My official finishing time was 4:05:42.  

I will be writing a more detailed post on the marathon.  For now I just want to lay here and not think:)

WEEK 18 Training-Red is what I ran for the week

  • Monday-REST- REST
  • Tuesday-3 miles-REST
  • Wednesday- 2 miles-3 miles
  • Thursday-REST-3 miles
  • Friday- 2 miles-2 miles
  • Saturday-RACE- Active Rest- 2 miles walked 
  • Sunday- Recovery cross-Race Day 26.2 miles

Happpy Recovery:)



Week 17 Marathon Training

week 17



I am officially one week out from my 2nd marathon.  When you train and plan for something for so long, taking one week or one day at a time, you have to give yourself a pat on the back.  After this morning longish run, my training officially seems to be over, I just need the BIG race.  I feel prepared and ready!

I have even been talking and seriousely considering signing up for another marathon, training would not officially start until late february or early march as the race day is June 18, 2016.  This give me a few months to just run, not for time, speed or diatance but just run.  T0 get caught up in the moment of running and not thinking of every run as a part of training.  Running mindlesly is AWESOME.


week 171

**weather on my longer 10 miles

Week 17 Schedule: RED is what I actually ran.

  • Monday-REST- Rest
  • Tuesday-4 miles- 4 miles
  • Wednesday- REST- Rest, I came down with another HEAD cold and it hit strong late Tuesday night:( I am beginning to wonder if I have seasonal allergies.  
  • Thursday- 4 miles- 4 miles
  • Friday- REST-Rest
  • Saturday- 8 miles- ACTIVE REST, CrossCounty meet plus a 5k for my kiddos(running/walking)
  • Sunday- Cross Training- 10 miles

WEEK 18 Training:

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-3 miles
  • Wednesday- 2 miles
  • Thursday-REST
  • Friday- 2 miles
  • Saturday-RACE 
  • Sunday- Recovery cross

Happy running!


Marathon Training Week 16



26.2 Marathon- it a tremendous acomplishments.  It’s the running community, support and excitement that will get me(anyone) though this run.  This sunday morning I am enjoying my coffee, blogging and watching the live Twitter Feed  on the Twin Cities Marathon.   The energy that surrounds a marathon is exhilarating and I am excited.

If you have never run a marathon, or seen a marathon, I encourage to do so.  Running my first 1/2 Marathon in Duluth, MN at Grandma’s Marathon is where I really got hooked.  Like most marathons and 1/2 marathons, theses two races are set at separate times.  The Duluth race is set on the gorgeous historic highway/downtown along Lake Superior.  Although the setting is beautiful it was the amount of people out to support thousands of runners was surprising to me as a new comer.  I finished the race, with enough time to get to a spot near the finish to watch world-class athletes finish the last 800 meters.  Sitting there enjoying my post snack and Gatorade, I was getting excited as I saw the lead runners come around the corner.  Their run was FLAWLESS and it looked effortless!  I got the chills and a warm heart not because I finished my first 1/2 marathon, but because I was watching athletes at their peak.  They have put in hours, weeks, months of preparation for this event.  Sitting there I knew I was now apart of a family, a running community that supported each other.  Hook…Line…Sinker.


**pictures from my long run, wild turkeys in the right picture**

Week 16 Schedule: the weather is getting cooler here in Minnesota!

  • Monday-REST-Active Rest with Cross Country Runners: I bikes about 5 miles as they ran!
  • Tuesday-5 miles- Used this day at another Rest day, I just wanted it.
  • Wednesday- 4 miles- 5 miles
  • Thursday- 5 miles- 4 Miles
  • Friday- REST- 3 Miles-HILLS:)
  • Saturday-12 miles- Active Rest- I worked at the Eatery.
  • Sunday- cross- LONG RUN…18 miles no running partner:(  But super excited that I made 18 miles ALL BY MYSELF!

Week 17 Schedule

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-4 miles
  • Wednesday- 3 miles
  • Thursday- 4 miles
  • Friday- REST
  • Saturday-8 miles
  • Sunday- cross

Happy Running!


Marathon training week 14


Back on schedule!

Every fall is an adjustment for our family, the kids are back in school, we are working full-time, I am coaching cross-country, BUT adding training for a marathon and my husband is back in college for administration and you really have to make it work.


I was able to get all my runs in this week even while circling the athletes a few time until my GPS said I was done.

Week 14 Schedule, mine is red

  • Monday-Rest– REST….I had a cross-country meet, so it was a very active rest, almost like a cross training day with the sprinting to different section of the course to cheer/coach the athletes.  
  • Tuesday-5 miles– 3 miles not that I couldn’t run the 5 miles, practice got running late and I had to leave at 4:50, so a quick run with the junior high athletes and I was on my way to my witnessing job.
  • Wednesday-8 miles-6 mile hill workout with the varsity team
  • Thursday 5 mile run– another cross-country race day, I ran the course with the head coach and then continued on until I was at 5.
  • Friday- Rest- 3 mile run… I decided to run at today’s practice only because I knew it was short 3 miles.  We ran out to the golf course, where we hold our home cross-country meet on Monday.
  • Saturday- 12 miles– 12  GLORIOUS miles.  I ran this alone, I played my music had my route picked out and I was out the door.  It was beautiful weather and I felt great!
  • Sunday-cross..Just a beautiful day, cleaning house, taking a couple of relaxing walks, small bike rides…Does this count as Cross?  Not really and I am ok with that.

Week 15 Schedule

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-5 miles
  • Wednesday- 5 miles
  • Thursday- 5 miles
  • Friday- REST
  • Saturday-20 miles
  • Sunday- cross

Happy running!