1/2 Marathon #7 RECAP

I love running a new course, the miles just seemed to zip by because I had no idea where I was. Here are a run down of the mile:

Mile 1-4 Excellent…or course early in the race right?
Mile 4-5- WIND…just had to hunker down and keep running
Mile 5-9- Beautiful….these miles took place on a beautiful walking/running/biking trail.
Mile 9-13.1- WINDY, WINDY and MORE WIND plus a hill. I hate to sum up the race in these mile but as soon as mile 9 hit, we turned and face the 20 MPH wind uphill. The hill would not have been bad if it was not for the wind. But like runners do we keep going. I could tell I intensely slowed down, but seriously guys the WIND SUCKED BUTT!!!

I ended the race slower than what I wanted but looking back at my splits, I was right on track up until the wind, MILE 9. Even with the wind I felt good, my legs felt strong, and no stomach issues this time. NOt much a person can do about the wind, so I am not going to beat myself up(too much) about it. Can’t wait until #8!


Keep Running!!



Week 11 Training for #7

                                                            Fuel Running.com

Long runs are done, in the book…bring on race day.  These two quote are how I felt after my sunday long run, I am ready.  I am ready to start, run and finish.  I am ready to feel accomplished in finishing another half marathon.  I am ready to be exhausted, I am ready to be in pain, BUT I am ready to finish strong.

                                                                      Disney In your Day


Week 11

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training-Stretch and strength training
  • Tuesday- 5 mile run- 5 mile run
  • Wednesday-10 x 400 5k pace run-10 x 400 5k pace run + 20 minute HIIT strength
  • Thursday- 3 mile run-Rest
  • Friday – Rest-3 mile run
  • Saturday-3 mile pace- 3 mile pace…GOOD pace Run
  • Sunday- 12 mile run-12 mile run- great final long run:)

Week 12

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training
  • Tuesday- 4 mile run
  • Wednesday-30 minutes run
  • Thursday- Rest
  • Friday – Rest 
  • Saturday-RACE DAY!!

Happy running, happy training:)


Cinnamon Biscuits


These go so fast in my house, I only got pictures of them still in the pan and the other pan went to my in-laws.  Let me tell you, my kids and husband LOVE these sweet gooey cinnamon biscuits. The biscuits are fluffy and the cinnamon filling is divine.

To make these is quite simple, but it does get messy.  The trick to the biscuits is using a large cookie scoop and generously flouring your hands(like a gymnast does when she preparing for her bar routine).  Scoop the biscuit onto your flowered hands working it back and forth until the dough is no longer sticky, 3-4 time, then plop it into the baking pan.  Continue with this process until the all the dough is used up.  The biscuits will touch in the pan.

The second thing to these delicious biscuits is getting the filling into the biscuit.  The trick I found was using a condiment bottle, you can stick the tip right into the dough and squeeze the filling until you see it coming up to the top.  Also make sure when you are making the filling there are no lumps, as these lumps will clog up the squeeze bottle.


cinnamon biscuits


Biscuit Recipe from CD Kitchen, Cinnamon recipe adapted from: parsleysagessweet.com

Happy Baking:)


What I need for a long run

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 7.40.00 AM

photo credits to NYC Running Mamma

But sometimes you need more than your thoughts on a long run.  A long run for me is anything over 10 miles.  10 Miles is about when I need more such as water, gummies and maybe even music.  I would often test my limits on how far I could go before I “rewarded myself” and continue on the run.  With the exception of water, typically I can last 1 hour without having to have a water break.  Over the years of training for fulls and 1/2 marathons I have found what works for me and what gets me though the long runs

My long run needs:

  1. flipbelt-although mine is not the actual Flipbelt brand these things are AWESOME, say goodbye to arm phone holders. These flipbelts are very comfortable:)
  2. waterbottle-yes this is NECESSARY.  These are similar to what I have –4 bottle belt and 1 bottle.  I do not use them for every run or even every long run or during a race BUT I love the two that I have.  Sometimes when I do not want to wear it I schedule my runs around town to where I can have water stops, at the golf course club house, park bathrooms, gas stations or anywhere just so I can keep going.  Not all runs can take place in my small town’s radius so I have to go out on the contry road, this is when I NEED to wear it.
  3. music-pandora off my Iphone:)
  4. jolly ranchers-who would have thought I would look forward to jolly ranchers on my longer runs.  The longer lasting sugar burst is a little secret I found worked for me as I was training for this last marathon.
  5. gum- any peppermint kind will do (although I am a constant gum chewer, every run I have gum, even short ones)
  6. gatorade chews– These are my go-to chews.  I have tried a running gel once and it did not settle well in my stomach.  But these sugared energy chews are excellent.  I typically save them for 17+ miles or actual race day.  They are reasonable priced and can be found in my small local grocery store:)

long run needs

Happy Running:)





Marathon Must Haves

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.58.31 AM


Running is a minimal sport, meaning all you need is a good pair of running shoes and workout clothes.  It isn’t until you get into racing and longer distance that my NEED for running equipment grew.  Here are my MARATHON MUST HAVES.

  1. Headband, this was used off and on during the run to cover my ears.  I wanted to protect my ears from the chilly morning and wind as I was still recovering from the sinus infection.
  2. LOVE my OAKLEY FLAK Sunglasses.
  3. Nike running long-sleeved, I have had this 3/4 zip long-sleeved shirt for several years, it is one of my favorites to run in.
  4. Mizuno running socks, I did not know how important a good pair of running socks were until I actually about a good pair.
  5. Fila sports bra, a good one is  MUST have
  6. Nike Capri, the morning was chilly but not warm enough for me to wear shorts.  Theses are my only running capris, so they see a lot of the wash machine.
  7. Asics Gel-Kayano 21 running shoe.  There are many great brand out there, but Asics is my brand.
  8. Nike TOMTOM gps watch.  Another MUST have especially for the 18 week training schedule.
  9. Nike Dry-Fit T-shirt, because dry fit feels so good:)


These 9 items are what I used during my marathon and during my training.  Besides my shoes, the two I items I love and appreciate more than others is my gps watch and my sunglasses.  A gps watch to log your miles and help keep your pace is a must when you are training.  The Nike TOMTOM is easy to use, connects gps quickly and I love the big screen.   The sunglasses are something my husband gave me as a gift because I kept using his Oakley FLAK sunglasses.  The FLAK is a weightless pair of sunglasses, absolutely LOVE them.


Happy Running:)


FINAL Marathon Training week 18

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.04.09 PM

I DID IT!! 2nd Marathon complete:)

What a week I have had leading up to the big race.  A race you put so much time and energy(mental and physical).  My sinuses really flared up after my 10 mile Sunday long run.  I tried to ignore it but woke up Monday, got ready for work and my husband said I looked and sounded awful.  I decided to stay home and called the dr.  Doctors said my ears were full of mucus and since I had been dealing with it for almost a week she gave me a prescription antibiotic.  I went home and slept but as the day and evening went on I was still not feeling better.   Tuesday I tried work, only to go home at 12:00 pm, but upon going home I stopped at the local pharmacy to pick up a Netti Pot sinus rinse and then to a local DoTerra seller for the BREATH oil.  At this point I was desperate to fell better. On to Wednesday, I tried work again only to go home at 12:00 pm.

So three days on a prescription antibiotic, two days with a DOterra Oil and netti pot treatments, more sleep than ever and I pushed myself out the door to run 3 miles.  At this point I was getting nervous about the marathon and my health not improving.  The run felt OK, my pace was fine but it was heard to breath.  

I continued to struggle through the remainder of the week, getting slightly better every day.  


Mankato Marathon, I finished it was about 10 minutes faster than my first.  Super happy that I beat my Duluth Grandmas Marathon time.  The breeze throughout the morning picked up and on the last 2 miles I was finding it hard to breath, more do to the cold I have been getting over but the dry wind did not help.  I was definitely wheezy as I made my way to the finish.  My official finishing time was 4:05:42.  

I will be writing a more detailed post on the marathon.  For now I just want to lay here and not think:)

WEEK 18 Training-Red is what I ran for the week

  • Monday-REST- REST
  • Tuesday-3 miles-REST
  • Wednesday- 2 miles-3 miles
  • Thursday-REST-3 miles
  • Friday- 2 miles-2 miles
  • Saturday-RACE- Active Rest- 2 miles walked 
  • Sunday- Recovery cross-Race Day 26.2 miles

Happpy Recovery:)



Week 17 Marathon Training

week 17



I am officially one week out from my 2nd marathon.  When you train and plan for something for so long, taking one week or one day at a time, you have to give yourself a pat on the back.  After this morning longish run, my training officially seems to be over, I just need the BIG race.  I feel prepared and ready!

I have even been talking and seriousely considering signing up for another marathon, training would not officially start until late february or early march as the race day is June 18, 2016.  This give me a few months to just run, not for time, speed or diatance but just run.  T0 get caught up in the moment of running and not thinking of every run as a part of training.  Running mindlesly is AWESOME.


week 171

**weather on my longer 10 miles

Week 17 Schedule: RED is what I actually ran.

  • Monday-REST- Rest
  • Tuesday-4 miles- 4 miles
  • Wednesday- REST- Rest, I came down with another HEAD cold and it hit strong late Tuesday night:( I am beginning to wonder if I have seasonal allergies.  
  • Thursday- 4 miles- 4 miles
  • Friday- REST-Rest
  • Saturday- 8 miles- ACTIVE REST, CrossCounty meet plus a 5k for my kiddos(running/walking)
  • Sunday- Cross Training- 10 miles

WEEK 18 Training:

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-3 miles
  • Wednesday- 2 miles
  • Thursday-REST
  • Friday- 2 miles
  • Saturday-RACE 
  • Sunday- Recovery cross

Happy running!