1/2 Marathon #7 RECAP

I love running a new course, the miles just seemed to zip by because I had no idea where I was. Here are a run down of the mile:

Mile 1-4 Excellent…or course early in the race right?
Mile 4-5- WIND…just had to hunker down and keep running
Mile 5-9- Beautiful….these miles took place on a beautiful walking/running/biking trail.
Mile 9-13.1- WINDY, WINDY and MORE WIND plus a hill. I hate to sum up the race in these mile but as soon as mile 9 hit, we turned and face the 20 MPH wind uphill. The hill would not have been bad if it was not for the wind. But like runners do we keep going. I could tell I intensely slowed down, but seriously guys the WIND SUCKED BUTT!!!

I ended the race slower than what I wanted but looking back at my splits, I was right on track up until the wind, MILE 9. Even with the wind I felt good, my legs felt strong, and no stomach issues this time. NOt much a person can do about the wind, so I am not going to beat myself up(too much) about it. Can’t wait until #8!


Keep Running!!



Week 11 Training for #7

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Long runs are done, in the book…bring on race day.  These two quote are how I felt after my sunday long run, I am ready.  I am ready to start, run and finish.  I am ready to feel accomplished in finishing another half marathon.  I am ready to be exhausted, I am ready to be in pain, BUT I am ready to finish strong.

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Week 11

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training-Stretch and strength training
  • Tuesday- 5 mile run- 5 mile run
  • Wednesday-10 x 400 5k pace run-10 x 400 5k pace run + 20 minute HIIT strength
  • Thursday- 3 mile run-Rest
  • Friday – Rest-3 mile run
  • Saturday-3 mile pace- 3 mile pace…GOOD pace Run
  • Sunday- 12 mile run-12 mile run- great final long run:)

Week 12

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training
  • Tuesday- 4 mile run
  • Wednesday-30 minutes run
  • Thursday- Rest
  • Friday – Rest 
  • Saturday-RACE DAY!!

Happy running, happy training:)


Week 4- Training for 7th


RECOVERY was my game this week.  So from last week’s post I noted on Saturday and Sunday I had a terrible head cold.  Well, it happened to be just a nasty viral cold that kicked my ass. I went to work Monday, which was an exhausting double shift but took a 40 minute nap in between.  I stayed home and slept all Tuesday.  On wednesday I went to work and finally forced myself to run.  This run was excruciating and slow, but I did it and felt OK after.  I knew I could, I knew my body was in shape for it I just had to overcome the exhaustion and be comfortable with the slower pace.  REMEMBER a 4 mil run is still 4 miles no matter the pace. 

This cold was a 24 hour pounding headache and exhaustion like I’ve never felt before.   I tested negative for everything, Influenza, steep , sinus, ear infection….everything, just a virus that needed to take its course.  In addition to the massive headache I had the typical runny nose, scratchy throat and earaches.  I was popping the ALEVE, DayQuil and NyQuil PLUS sleeping right next to a warm vaporizer.  I managed to still get 5 runs in just not what was scheduled or what was expected.  My main goal was to get out there, sweat it out and do what my body could do. 


So naturally I was most nervous about the 7 miles long run Sunday, could I do it…could I make it.  I did not want to set myself up for failure so I set a goal of just running for on 1 hour.  Typically this puts me at 7, but knowing I would be at a slower pace, I just wanted to reach the 60 minutes of continuous running.  So I set out with this goal in mind…and I DID IT…I ran the entire 7 mile.  I am happy with how I rested and recovered this week, sometimes listening to what your body needs is best.  

Here is my week 4 running schedule. 

Week 4 :

  • Monday: Stretching and Strength Training- REST actually took a 40 minute nap in between jobs!!
  • Tuesday- 3.5 mile run-30 minutes of 21 day Upper FIx and REST!
  • Wednesday-35 minute tempo- 4 miles
  • Thursday- 3 mile run and stretch- 18 minutes of temp on elliptical then 21 minutes of 5-k pace
  • Friday Rest- rest- 4 miles
  • Saturday-3 Mile- 3 miles under 5k pace(7:50)
  • Sunday- 7 miles- 7 miles, slower but finished with a pace of 8;52, for 1:02.30

And here is this weeks running schedule, week 5 of half marathon training.

Week 5

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength Training
  • Tuesday- 4 mile run
  • Wednesday-7 x 400 at 5k pace
  • Thursday- 3 mile run
  • Friday Rest- Rest
  • Saturday-3 Mile
  • Sunday- 8 mile

Happy Running!


Half Marathon #7


I added another half marathon to my list on October 16, 2016, this marked 6 Half Marathons completed!  It was kindof a last minute decision to register, even though I was training for it.  I officially registered about 2 weeks before the race.  The big push to run this race was actually from the Cross Country team I am an assistant coach for.  They are a great group of seniors and they promised to come watch if all the coaches would run.  So the three of us gladly accepted. It was very exciting to see these three athletes whom I have coached for 6 years, cheer us on.  They were awesome at getting to several points along the route.  They certainly made me smile!  Surge Coach SURGE!!!


I’m in the middle.

I am now training for my 7th!  The training program will be the same as my last two, Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Guide Intermediate 2.  I registered for half #7 quite quickly after the October 16 race, because I was not satisfied with my performance.  My time was ok, 1;48 BUT it was how I finished that really bothers me. To give you a shortened version, I peatered out at about the 9th mile, extreme cramping(needed bathroom) but there was not one.  I challenged through it but even with the bathroom cramping I was losing energy to continue.  I fell behind my other coach and this pissed me off and it got in my head.    I know I can perform better.  So I definitely have goals for this half marathon.

Goals during training to hopefully equal better Half Marathon results:

  1. NUTRITION-fuel my body better
  2. Strength train-2 x’s a week per the training schedule
  3. Tempo, Interval and Hill runs

So this past week I completed week one of 12, well kind of, I actually miscounted the weeks.  I still ran but it was not what I hope to be for my training, per my goals I really I need to strength train. I will blog weekly, typically sunday nights on the past week of training.  The Black will be the training schedule and the red will be what I got done.

Week 1:

  • Monday: Stretching and Strength Training- Rest
  • Tuesday- 3 mile run-4 mile run
  • Wednesday-5 x 400 5-K pace- 4 mile interval run
  • Thursday- 3 mile run- Jillian Michaels 10 minute circuit: Booty Blaster, Cardio & Pilates
  • Friday Rest- Rested, enjoying a weekend away at the Eric Church concert, swimming at hotel and skyzone.
  • Saturday-3 Mile- nothing
  • Sunday- 5 Mile- 5 mile run


Happy Training for Half Marathon #7





FINAL Marathon Training week 18

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.04.09 PM

I DID IT!! 2nd Marathon complete:)

What a week I have had leading up to the big race.  A race you put so much time and energy(mental and physical).  My sinuses really flared up after my 10 mile Sunday long run.  I tried to ignore it but woke up Monday, got ready for work and my husband said I looked and sounded awful.  I decided to stay home and called the dr.  Doctors said my ears were full of mucus and since I had been dealing with it for almost a week she gave me a prescription antibiotic.  I went home and slept but as the day and evening went on I was still not feeling better.   Tuesday I tried work, only to go home at 12:00 pm, but upon going home I stopped at the local pharmacy to pick up a Netti Pot sinus rinse and then to a local DoTerra seller for the BREATH oil.  At this point I was desperate to fell better. On to Wednesday, I tried work again only to go home at 12:00 pm.

So three days on a prescription antibiotic, two days with a DOterra Oil and netti pot treatments, more sleep than ever and I pushed myself out the door to run 3 miles.  At this point I was getting nervous about the marathon and my health not improving.  The run felt OK, my pace was fine but it was heard to breath.  

I continued to struggle through the remainder of the week, getting slightly better every day.  


Mankato Marathon, I finished it was about 10 minutes faster than my first.  Super happy that I beat my Duluth Grandmas Marathon time.  The breeze throughout the morning picked up and on the last 2 miles I was finding it hard to breath, more do to the cold I have been getting over but the dry wind did not help.  I was definitely wheezy as I made my way to the finish.  My official finishing time was 4:05:42.  

I will be writing a more detailed post on the marathon.  For now I just want to lay here and not think:)

WEEK 18 Training-Red is what I ran for the week

  • Monday-REST- REST
  • Tuesday-3 miles-REST
  • Wednesday- 2 miles-3 miles
  • Thursday-REST-3 miles
  • Friday- 2 miles-2 miles
  • Saturday-RACE- Active Rest- 2 miles walked 
  • Sunday- Recovery cross-Race Day 26.2 miles

Happpy Recovery:)



Week 17 Marathon Training

week 17



I am officially one week out from my 2nd marathon.  When you train and plan for something for so long, taking one week or one day at a time, you have to give yourself a pat on the back.  After this morning longish run, my training officially seems to be over, I just need the BIG race.  I feel prepared and ready!

I have even been talking and seriousely considering signing up for another marathon, training would not officially start until late february or early march as the race day is June 18, 2016.  This give me a few months to just run, not for time, speed or diatance but just run.  T0 get caught up in the moment of running and not thinking of every run as a part of training.  Running mindlesly is AWESOME.


week 171

**weather on my longer 10 miles

Week 17 Schedule: RED is what I actually ran.

  • Monday-REST- Rest
  • Tuesday-4 miles- 4 miles
  • Wednesday- REST- Rest, I came down with another HEAD cold and it hit strong late Tuesday night:( I am beginning to wonder if I have seasonal allergies.  
  • Thursday- 4 miles- 4 miles
  • Friday- REST-Rest
  • Saturday- 8 miles- ACTIVE REST, CrossCounty meet plus a 5k for my kiddos(running/walking)
  • Sunday- Cross Training- 10 miles

WEEK 18 Training:

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-3 miles
  • Wednesday- 2 miles
  • Thursday-REST
  • Friday- 2 miles
  • Saturday-RACE 
  • Sunday- Recovery cross

Happy running!


Marathon Training Week 16



26.2 Marathon- it a tremendous acomplishments.  It’s the running community, support and excitement that will get me(anyone) though this run.  This sunday morning I am enjoying my coffee, blogging and watching the live Twitter Feed  on the Twin Cities Marathon.   The energy that surrounds a marathon is exhilarating and I am excited.

If you have never run a marathon, or seen a marathon, I encourage to do so.  Running my first 1/2 Marathon in Duluth, MN at Grandma’s Marathon is where I really got hooked.  Like most marathons and 1/2 marathons, theses two races are set at separate times.  The Duluth race is set on the gorgeous historic highway/downtown along Lake Superior.  Although the setting is beautiful it was the amount of people out to support thousands of runners was surprising to me as a new comer.  I finished the race, with enough time to get to a spot near the finish to watch world-class athletes finish the last 800 meters.  Sitting there enjoying my post snack and Gatorade, I was getting excited as I saw the lead runners come around the corner.  Their run was FLAWLESS and it looked effortless!  I got the chills and a warm heart not because I finished my first 1/2 marathon, but because I was watching athletes at their peak.  They have put in hours, weeks, months of preparation for this event.  Sitting there I knew I was now apart of a family, a running community that supported each other.  Hook…Line…Sinker.


**pictures from my long run, wild turkeys in the right picture**

Week 16 Schedule: the weather is getting cooler here in Minnesota!

  • Monday-REST-Active Rest with Cross Country Runners: I bikes about 5 miles as they ran!
  • Tuesday-5 miles- Used this day at another Rest day, I just wanted it.
  • Wednesday- 4 miles- 5 miles
  • Thursday- 5 miles- 4 Miles
  • Friday- REST- 3 Miles-HILLS:)
  • Saturday-12 miles- Active Rest- I worked at the Eatery.
  • Sunday- cross- LONG RUN…18 miles no running partner:(  But super excited that I made 18 miles ALL BY MYSELF!

Week 17 Schedule

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-4 miles
  • Wednesday- 3 miles
  • Thursday- 4 miles
  • Friday- REST
  • Saturday-8 miles
  • Sunday- cross

Happy Running!