Easy Breakfast Pizza


PIZZA PIZZA!! Remember those funny Little Caesars commercials?

I think Pizza if one of those things you can change up to create new flavors. From BBQ chicken, to Taco to eggs.  Of course you cannot go wrong with a good ole’ pepperoni.  Eggs pizza is definitely nothing new, but something even I forget to make.  It is so simple, actually pizza is very simple.


Happy making and baking:)


Monkey Bread

Our Christmas morning tradition is to indulge in this warm ooey gooey breakfast.  I am not sure when I started this for my family but it is now our tradition and something we look forward to every year.  So after the presents are all opened, THE CHRISTMAS STORY is playing on TBS and daddy is installing batteries or reading directions, I step into the kitchen to make our breakfast.


Some of my favorite recipes are from my moms church and company cookbooks.  I am sure this recipe is all over the internet, but I am taking it right from the 3M cookbook from New Ulm, MN.   It is simple, quick and yummy.  Minimal ingredients needed, the hardest part is waiting until it slightly cools to eat.

monkey bread


monkey bread rec.


Happy Baking:)


Pumpkin Bars


Falling leaves, brisk mornings, cool evening, pumpkins and apple picking.  Going for walks on the cool eveing and breathing in the fresh smell of the falling leaves.  Fall is a beautiful time of year and here in Minnesota it has been a gorgeous one.  The aroma of these bars fills your house with sweet pumpkin and cinnamon.  The bars are light, fluffy and moist topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting.


This recipe is an excellent one for family gatherings or potlucks as one recipe makes a ton, this whole pan of yummy goodness sure to please everyone:)



pumpkin bars recipe


recipe adapted from Taste of Home