Easy Breakfast Pizza


PIZZA PIZZA!! Remember those funny Little Caesars commercials?

I think Pizza if one of those things you can change up to create new flavors. From BBQ chicken, to Taco to eggs.  Of course you cannot go wrong with a good ole’ pepperoni.  Eggs pizza is definitely nothing new, but something even I forget to make.  It is so simple, actually pizza is very simple.


Happy making and baking:)


Cinnamon Biscuits


These go so fast in my house, I only got pictures of them still in the pan and the other pan went to my in-laws.  Let me tell you, my kids and husband LOVE these sweet gooey cinnamon biscuits. The biscuits are fluffy and the cinnamon filling is divine.

To make these is quite simple, but it does get messy.  The trick to the biscuits is using a large cookie scoop and generously flouring your hands(like a gymnast does when she preparing for her bar routine).  Scoop the biscuit onto your flowered hands working it back and forth until the dough is no longer sticky, 3-4 time, then plop it into the baking pan.  Continue with this process until the all the dough is used up.  The biscuits will touch in the pan.

The second thing to these delicious biscuits is getting the filling into the biscuit.  The trick I found was using a condiment bottle, you can stick the tip right into the dough and squeeze the filling until you see it coming up to the top.  Also make sure when you are making the filling there are no lumps, as these lumps will clog up the squeeze bottle.


cinnamon biscuits


Biscuit Recipe from CD Kitchen, Cinnamon recipe adapted from: parsleysagessweet.com

Happy Baking:)


Classic Buttermilk Waffles


A Christmas gift to my husband several years ago was a Belgian waffle iron, well lets be honest it was more for me to use and him to reap the benefits.  Actually my family benefits too because of my love for being in the kitchen.  All my meals are with them in mind, adjusting to our taste buds but challenging them out of their box.  Keeping meals simple but special.


I purchased a rotating waffle maker  from our local SHOPKO on a black friday.  It super easy to use and a snap to clean up. Double bonus if you ask me.  Since breakfast is his and everybody’s favorite meal any time of day and I like to make breakfast, it was the perfect gift. Homemade waffles from scratch take minutes to prepare, nothing compared to the boxed mix.  Just look how fluffy they are.  Pair waffles with eggs and bacon, or sausage and you have created a wonderful meal anytime of day.  This recipes is classic but very flavorful and buttery. ENJOY!


waffles recipe

recipe from Brown Eyed Baker


Not your ordinary Pancakes



I seem to always be on the search for the best pancakes.  You know you have a winner when your 17 year old says, “Mom these are the BEST pancakes”.  Now you have to understand my oldest.  He is a non stop, all day eater.  He is not the least bit picky, and he is pretty sufficient in the kitchen.  If there is nothing to eat he will create something on his own.  So when he gives a compliment like “Mom these are the BEST”.  I know he truly means it.


These are sweet and fluffy pancakes.  Syrup is definitely optional, I can eat them plain or topped with a fresh berry of any kind.





recipe adapted from Cookin Up North




Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins


Fresh made and homemade chocolate chip muffins. The smell, the taste, absolutely DELICIOUS.  These muffins are truly amazing.  You can’t go wrong the simple muffin base is moist and flavorful and the perfect amount of cholcolate chips.  Every bite you get chocolate chips, there it not shortage here.

I make all my muffins in silicone muffin cups.  They are easy to use and come out clean.  Another way to make these muffins is into mini.  Mini muffins are great for my younger kids.  I always feel like I am getting more out of a recipe when I use the mini muffin pan.  Plus the mini muffins are so cute:)  You can guess about 3 mini muffins makes about 1 regular size muffin.  So this recipe will yield about 36-42 mini muffins.


bakery style ccmuffins recipe


recipe from sallysbakingaddition.  Sally’s Baking Addition blog is an excellent blog, make sure you go and browse through.  Keep your drool at a minimum though:)

Happy Baking and eating:)


Snickerdoodle Muffins

My childrens favorite breakfast at daycare was these Entenmanns Snickerdoodle Muffins.   They would ask for snickdoodle muffins, yes that is what they called them it is not a typo.  They loved the prepakaged one so I knew I could find a recipe for homemade ones.  Well I hit the jackpot when I found this one.  The yummy cinnamon and sugar cookie is now a fluffy muffin.


The silicon liners are especially great for this recipe because you get access cinnamon and sugar on the bottom that did not stick to the muffin.  Don’t be shy, you will want to lick that out!



snickerdoodle recipe


recipe adapted from lovintheoven


Cinnamon Rolls


I have tough critics in my house to creating/finding the right cinnamon roll recipie.  My family is very gracious when I make anything, so maybe I am my own tough critic.  Because in our house we do cinnamon rolls any time, this is how we roll.  We all love the sweet taste of these fluffy rolls with lots of cinnamon and sugar rolled in between and topped with a lip smacking good cream cheese frosting.   I have tried many good cinnamon roll recipes, until this one.  It definitly topps them all and is now my, I mean our number one favorite.


Many cinnamon roll are made in a 8 x 8 pan or a round cake pan, but honey those just not do for our family.  Since eveyone loves them we need a 9 x 13 pan which will make 12 large rolls. Give yourself plenty of time to make these because they have to rise twice, one in a large bowl and once in the pan.


A sure way to get even cut rolls and to not flatten the just risen dough is to use fishing wire to cut them.   After you have rolled your dough into the 18 inch log, cafefully measure out each roll with an indent on the dough.  Then just shimmy the fishing wire underneath the dough and and criss-cross the wires to cut out the roll.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squizie.