Week 10 Training for #7

24466-Run-And-Be-HappyI live 30 miles to the nearest Walmart and I had to get there before thursday for my online pick up order.  So I took this opportunity to run my long run on roads and past houses I never get to see.  I was actually excited to run 11 mile, somewhere new and a place I know how to get around.  This town has a 10k race around a lake, I used to participate in it before I started coaching cross country.  So on my drive over, I knew I would start with the race course around the lake, but also adding in some unknow streets just to get the added miles.  I made a pit stop at my car at mile 7 for a water break, a change in gum and gatorade chews.  Then I was off to explore the streets for the next 4.5 miles.  The time went by fast, my pace was actually pretty good, not race pace  but I will save that for two weeks.  On my way home after getting the online order and a few other things, I thought to myself why not  check out the small neighboring town 10 miles away for my next and last long run of this training.  I think I just may!  




The pictures do not look like much, BUT it was perfect weather to run: 36 degrees, overcast, slight breeze, even a mist during some miles.  The best part is I felt great the entire time.  


Week 10

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training-20 minute HIIT workout + 4 mile run
  • Tuesday- 5 mile run-Rest + 20 Minute HIIT workout
  • Wednesday-45 minute tempo run-4.5 mile run
  • Thursday- 3 mile run- Rest + 20 minute HIIT workout
  • Friday – Rest-4 miles 
  • Saturday-5 mile pace-4 mile pace
  • Sunday- 11 mile run-11 miles

Week 11

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training
  • Tuesday- 5 mile run
  • Wednesday-10 x 400 5k pace run
  • Thursday- 3 mile run
  • Friday – Rest 
  • Saturday-2 mile pace
  • Sunday- 12 mile run

Happy running, happy training:)



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