Week 9 Training for #7


Just when I think I can’t possibly add more to my plate, what I needed to add is exactly what will help me organize, prioritize and stabilize.  I was asked to help coach Track and Field for the school I work in.  The program has had a rising number of athletes and they needed another coach and my name was mentioned.  My husband and I talked about it, again not sure if I should but going to practice I immediately realized YES, I needed this.  Yes it involves everyday practice, late nights on meet days, possible weekend meets, possible weekend runs but it also meant coaching a great group of young student athletes, coaching to help them be better, coaching them to reach and strive for something.  I am truly blessed to have been asked to coach, something that I have unexpectedly fell in love with. Something I needed.  Training of Half marathon #7 will be difficult and rather sporadic but I only have three weeks left and there is nothing better than running with the kids again.

Along with something great, something quite the opposite also took place.  Our oldest black lab Tivoli, age 12 went to doggie heaven.  Her health was slowly deteriorating over the last few months, to the point she no longer could walk up and down the stair and she was developing a bedsore under her right shoulder.  My husband went with her and laid by her until she was gone.  Our sweet girl is without pain, running free chasing and hunting birds.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 7.00.37 PM

This is my favorite photo of our dogs, in 2008 when our daughter was only 6 months.  Tivoli on the right is about 2 years old and Birdie on the left is about 1.  This photo captures how sweet and gentle they are.  

Week 9

  • Monday- Stretching & Strength training-Runners World 20 minute HIIT workout x2
  • Tuesday- 5 mile run-3.5 mile run
  • Wednesday-9 x 400 tempo run- 9 x 400 tempo run
  • Thursday- 3 mile run-4.5 mile run
  • Friday – Rest or run- REST
  • Saturday-Rest- 4 mile run
  • Sunday- 15K mile run- 15K mile run

Week 10

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training
  • Tuesday- 5 mile run
  • Wednesday-45 minute tempo run
  • Thursday- 3 mile run
  • Friday – Rest 
  • Saturday-5 mile pace
  • Sunday- 11 mile run

Happy Training and Running:)



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