Week 5-Training for #7

60 degrees in February in MINNESOTA…NO!!!  But this week YES!!!  Lets just say spring fever has sprung and it feels amazing.  I was outside for run every run and also enjoyed walks and bike rides with the kids.  This nice weather will continue for a couple of more days then back to reality…I mean winter.  No complaints from me though, but it sure has been a good break.

Another good things happening this week was my eating.  I have owned 21 day fix for years actually since it was released several years ago. But I never used the program or the DVD’s.  Remember my goal was to watch my eating and the struggles I have posted on here.  I always start the week strong but by the end I just give up.  So knowing I had this program I did some searching on the internet and found this post, How to mix running and 21 day fix..  YES, this is exactly what I needed not just for my strength and stretching, but also for my eating.  I am one week in and like it, mentally I have just slowed down and methodically think what I am putting into my body.

Here is my week 5 running schedule.

Week 5

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training 3 mile run
  • Tuesday- 4 mile run- am Upper Fix and 10 minutes of lower fix  & pm-4 mile run
  • Wednesday-7 x 400 at 5k pace-REST
  • Thursday- 3 mile run-7 x 400 at 5k pace
  • Friday- Rest- Upper Fix, 10 minutes of lower fix, 10 minutes of pilates
  • Saturday-3 Mile- 8 mile
  • Sunday- 8 mile- 3 mile and Yoga Fix

and here is Week 6 running schedule

Week 6

  • Monday- Stretching and Strength training
  • Tuesday- 4 mile run
  • Wednesday-40 minute tempo run
  • Thursday- 3 mile run
  • Friday – Rest or easy run
  • Saturday-Rest
  • Sunday- 10K mile

Happy Running:)



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