Yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting


Yellow cupcakes are by far my most favorite cupcake.  As a kid I did not like chocolate cupcakes or chocolate cake, they had a weird taste to me.  So many times I would not eat the cake at birthday parties or events because of this.  I blamed it on that I didn’t like cake but in reality I did not like chocolate cake. I was always on cloud nine when a party had a yellow cake or cupcake, the taste was just more sweet to me.  Even though I have grown out of my not liking chocolate cake, I still prefer a yellow cake over any other.

So I paired this amazing, yummy basic yellow cupcake with a rich creamy, smooth chocolate frosting.  These particular cupcakes were for my youngest sons birthday party, I always seem to have a baseball theme for him.  The baseball looking thing on top is 1/2 of a carefully cut oreo and red gel to make the stripes.


Classic Yellow cupcakes


recipe from my favorite blogger Brown Eyed Baker

Happy Baking!


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