Week 3- Training for 7th

I am so grateful each and every time I am able to run outside including all current elements cold, sunny and windy .  During January in MN, the temperature was anywhere from -35 to +35 degrees, turn the page to February and we are off to a good start.  I was able to run outside for 3 of my five runs, including one with my running buddy.  Don’t get me wrong the temperature is anything but warm, about 20-25 degrees is WAY better then anything in negative.  Here is what I wear during these cold winter months to keep me warm.

When I can’t run outside or run the hallways of the school I work at, I head to our weight room and use the elliptical machine.  Wednesday was the workout I was inside because of the INTENSE cold wind of about 25 mph, add that to the actual temp. of 15 and we barely hit 0 degrees.  I don’t just do easy either, I work hard to accomplish a similar workout to running.  Since wednesday was to be a tempo run, I did a tempo elliptical workout.  To accomplish a similar tempo elliptical workout to a tempo run it looked like this:



Here was my Week 3 Training schedule:

Week 3 :

  • Monday: Stretching and Strength Training- 30 minutes of S & S
  • Tuesday- 3 mile run-4 mile run with my running partner:)
  • Wednesday-6 x 400 at 5k pace- am: 20 minutes of S & S, pm: 45 minute elliptical tempo 
  • Thursday- 3 mile run- nothing: came down with intense head cold
  • Friday Rest- Rest- REST
  • Saturday-3 Mile- 3 miles trying to shake out the head cold 
  • Sunday- 5k- 5k, I was glad for the shorter distance this week due to intense head cold, but I still got out!

Happy Running!



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