Week 2- Training for 7th

Do you ever start the week off AMAZING but then by the end you have gone off course?  Well this was my week of course not in running but in eating.  So a goal this half marathon training is to really pay attention to what I am eating…well I did pay attention and it was crappy.  Overall I am a fairly healthy eater, I love peanut butter and any chip out there.  The bad choices started Thursday night after a difficult work meeting.  It didn’t start immediately, but was several hours later when I was raging hungry and still quite upset about how the meeting ended. To make a long story short, I was able to get back on track friday but then saturday afternoon/evening and sunday morning were AWFUL, but this time for no particular reason.  Which leads me to tell you how important nutrition is for your running.

Sunday morning breakfast was typical: banana, coffee, english muffin with 2 tsp peanut butter.  My mistake came when I opened the DORITOS at lunch!!  It went from Doritos, to 2 chocolate chip banana muffins with peanut butter, to more Doritos, to teddy graham.  Lets just say I tracked all that I ate =1, 085 calories WHAT THE HECK!!  What did I just do?  I created a very difficult run.  I set out about 3 hours later, still full and bloated!  The first three miles were AWFUL, like stopping and feeling like i need to puke!  There was one point I was hoping I would, because it would get rid of all the junk!!!   I stopped twice in the first 3.5 miles but I was also slowly  getting over the hump and feeling better.  My mind also shifted, I kept at the slower pace and repeated several time a ….6 miles run is still 6 miles no matter the time.   So I did it, I finished.  Lets just say I did not need a anything to eat until supper which was back on track: a salad, steamed veggies and a lean pork chop.

Last weeks post start training for 7th half marathon.

Here is my week 2 running schedule:

Week 2 :

  • Monday: Stretching and Strength Training- 30 minutes of S & S
  • Tuesday- 3 mile run-4 mile run
  • Wednesday-30 minute tempo- am: 30 minutes of S & S, pm; 30 minute tempo
  • Thursday- 3 mile run- 3 mile run after the difficult work meeting
  • Friday Rest- Rest- 3 mile run.
  • Saturday-3 Mile- REST
  • Sunday- 6 Mile- 6 mile run!!!

This will be my motto for the week!


Happy training and eating right!



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