Mom’s Rhubarb Bars



These rhubarb bars have been a summer treat my entire life.  I don’t remember a summer without them, and it would not be a summer without them.  The crunchy sweet topping, paired with the tart rhubarb filling and ending with another sweet crunch.  I have no clue where the recipe originates from, other than that of my grandmother’s recipe box.  So if you are fortunate to have frozen enough rhubarb to create this sweet summer treat in the winter, you are LUCKY!


My mother-in-law said she used to eat rhubarb by the stalk but with sprinkled sugar on top.  So is rhubarb a fruit or a vegetable?  Well after some reading, rhubarb is a vegetable but mainly cooked down with sugar such as a fruit would be.  Rhubarb is a very tart vegetable, which is why most recipes have sugar added.



I can barely  snap a picture of these beauties before half the pan is gone!!!


recipe courtesy of my mother and grandmother!


Happy Baking down memory lane!


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