Cold Weather Running- Minnesota Style


Running outside happens sometimes  during the months of December-February …I live in southwest Minnesota, wide open plains, enough said.  I finally got out to run yesterday and today but before that it was December 31, when it was a beautiful 23 degrees but add in the wind and it was 15 degrees.  It’s one thing to run in the cold but when the wind picks up it is a whole other story.  It has been very WINDY over the last two-week some days gusts up to 50 mph.  Even though we hit single digit positive temps the few weeks between  the outside runs you add the wind and we are back into the negative temperatures . Throughout the years of winter running, I know my temperature cut off is 15 degrees, either as outside temperature or wind chill. I have read about other runners running in the negative, but I retreat indoors.  I will have to suck it up though as I registered for another 1/2 marathon on April 8, 2017.  BUT  if you -I dress correctly it is 100% doable.

So here are my cold weather running must haves:


  1. sunglasses(hey, the snow is bright)
  2. neck protector
  3. running gloves, they are moisture wicking
  4. moisture wicking running hat


  1. long sleeve moisture wicking shirt
  2. long sleeve moisture wicking mock turtleneck
  3. Nike combat long sleeve, with thumb holes
  4. wind resistant lightweight jacket(mine is from Walmart) but I recently bought a longer NIKE one.


  1. cold-gear underarmour tights- any brand will do
  2. socks-thicker warmer ones, I have underarmour but I have worn wool ones
  3.  thicker running pants, but they are tight to the skin

I refuse to give up what I love to the weather.  If I can get out 1-2 times a week, I am golden.  Otherwise I am indoors on the elliptical, doing T25 or a Jillian Michaels workout video.




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