Cheesy Broccoli Soup


Christmas celebration on with my family is always low very key.  No fancy foo foo stuff, we wear flannels, warm socks and hats go sledding and play outside!  Our dinner is nothing traditional either.  By this time of the holiday season we are all tired of turkey, ham and potatoes.  So typically we have some sort of sandwich either turkey supreme sausage or sloppy joes,  plus fresh veggies, chips and my mom’s cheesy broccoli soup.  Of course we never forget the sweet and savory treats of Christmas cookies, Chex mix and puppy chow.  


I would bet most of my family would say the same thing, that the soup is a must no matter kind of the sandwich, because it is all our favorite and it goes with anything.  I do not have  a clue where my mom got this recipe but it is hearty, cheesy, veggie, and oh so good!  


******Over the years of making this the ONLY thing I can preach over and over is DO NOT let it cook on medium, high or worse let it BOIL.  Once all the veggies have been added with the water and bouillon cubes, heat for 30 minutes on medium.  But then reduce to a simmer and  add the cream and cheese.  Then the temperature can stay at a simmer, stirring occasionally.  If you cook on higher heat then simmer you risk burning the cheese and cream base…which is not good.  

Happy cooking!



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