Week 2- Training for 7th

Do you ever start the week off AMAZING but then by the end you have gone off course?  Well this was my week of course not in running but in eating.  So a goal this half marathon training is to really pay attention to what I am eating…well I did pay attention and it was crappy.  Overall I am a fairly healthy eater, I love peanut butter and any chip out there.  The bad choices started Thursday night after a difficult work meeting.  It didn’t start immediately, but was several hours later when I was raging hungry and still quite upset about how the meeting ended. To make a long story short, I was able to get back on track friday but then saturday afternoon/evening and sunday morning were AWFUL, but this time for no particular reason.  Which leads me to tell you how important nutrition is for your running.

Sunday morning breakfast was typical: banana, coffee, english muffin with 2 tsp peanut butter.  My mistake came when I opened the DORITOS at lunch!!  It went from Doritos, to 2 chocolate chip banana muffins with peanut butter, to more Doritos, to teddy graham.  Lets just say I tracked all that I ate =1, 085 calories WHAT THE HECK!!  What did I just do?  I created a very difficult run.  I set out about 3 hours later, still full and bloated!  The first three miles were AWFUL, like stopping and feeling like i need to puke!  There was one point I was hoping I would, because it would get rid of all the junk!!!   I stopped twice in the first 3.5 miles but I was also slowly  getting over the hump and feeling better.  My mind also shifted, I kept at the slower pace and repeated several time a ….6 miles run is still 6 miles no matter the time.   So I did it, I finished.  Lets just say I did not need a anything to eat until supper which was back on track: a salad, steamed veggies and a lean pork chop.

Last weeks post start training for 7th half marathon.

Here is my week 2 running schedule:

Week 2 :

  • Monday: Stretching and Strength Training- 30 minutes of S & S
  • Tuesday- 3 mile run-4 mile run
  • Wednesday-30 minute tempo- am: 30 minutes of S & S, pm; 30 minute tempo
  • Thursday- 3 mile run- 3 mile run after the difficult work meeting
  • Friday Rest- Rest- 3 mile run.
  • Saturday-3 Mile- REST
  • Sunday- 6 Mile- 6 mile run!!!

This will be my motto for the week!


Happy training and eating right!


Mom’s Rhubarb Bars



These rhubarb bars have been a summer treat my entire life.  I don’t remember a summer without them, and it would not be a summer without them.  The crunchy sweet topping, paired with the tart rhubarb filling and ending with another sweet crunch.  I have no clue where the recipe originates from, other than that of my grandmother’s recipe box.  So if you are fortunate to have frozen enough rhubarb to create this sweet summer treat in the winter, you are LUCKY!


My mother-in-law said she used to eat rhubarb by the stalk but with sprinkled sugar on top.  So is rhubarb a fruit or a vegetable?  Well after some reading, rhubarb is a vegetable but mainly cooked down with sugar such as a fruit would be.  Rhubarb is a very tart vegetable, which is why most recipes have sugar added.



I can barely  snap a picture of these beauties before half the pan is gone!!!


recipe courtesy of my mother and grandmother!


Happy Baking down memory lane!

Half Marathon #7


I added another half marathon to my list on October 16, 2016, this marked 6 Half Marathons completed!  It was kindof a last minute decision to register, even though I was training for it.  I officially registered about 2 weeks before the race.  The big push to run this race was actually from the Cross Country team I am an assistant coach for.  They are a great group of seniors and they promised to come watch if all the coaches would run.  So the three of us gladly accepted. It was very exciting to see these three athletes whom I have coached for 6 years, cheer us on.  They were awesome at getting to several points along the route.  They certainly made me smile!  Surge Coach SURGE!!!


I’m in the middle.

I am now training for my 7th!  The training program will be the same as my last two, Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Guide Intermediate 2.  I registered for half #7 quite quickly after the October 16 race, because I was not satisfied with my performance.  My time was ok, 1;48 BUT it was how I finished that really bothers me. To give you a shortened version, I peatered out at about the 9th mile, extreme cramping(needed bathroom) but there was not one.  I challenged through it but even with the bathroom cramping I was losing energy to continue.  I fell behind my other coach and this pissed me off and it got in my head.    I know I can perform better.  So I definitely have goals for this half marathon.

Goals during training to hopefully equal better Half Marathon results:

  1. NUTRITION-fuel my body better
  2. Strength train-2 x’s a week per the training schedule
  3. Tempo, Interval and Hill runs

So this past week I completed week one of 12, well kind of, I actually miscounted the weeks.  I still ran but it was not what I hope to be for my training, per my goals I really I need to strength train. I will blog weekly, typically sunday nights on the past week of training.  The Black will be the training schedule and the red will be what I got done.

Week 1:

  • Monday: Stretching and Strength Training- Rest
  • Tuesday- 3 mile run-4 mile run
  • Wednesday-5 x 400 5-K pace- 4 mile interval run
  • Thursday- 3 mile run- Jillian Michaels 10 minute circuit: Booty Blaster, Cardio & Pilates
  • Friday Rest- Rested, enjoying a weekend away at the Eric Church concert, swimming at hotel and skyzone.
  • Saturday-3 Mile- nothing
  • Sunday- 5 Mile- 5 mile run


Happy Training for Half Marathon #7





Cold Weather Running- Minnesota Style


Running outside happens sometimes  during the months of December-February …I live in southwest Minnesota, wide open plains, enough said.  I finally got out to run yesterday and today but before that it was December 31, when it was a beautiful 23 degrees but add in the wind and it was 15 degrees.  It’s one thing to run in the cold but when the wind picks up it is a whole other story.  It has been very WINDY over the last two-week some days gusts up to 50 mph.  Even though we hit single digit positive temps the few weeks between  the outside runs you add the wind and we are back into the negative temperatures . Throughout the years of winter running, I know my temperature cut off is 15 degrees, either as outside temperature or wind chill. I have read about other runners running in the negative, but I retreat indoors.  I will have to suck it up though as I registered for another 1/2 marathon on April 8, 2017.  BUT  if you -I dress correctly it is 100% doable.

So here are my cold weather running must haves:


  1. sunglasses(hey, the snow is bright)
  2. neck protector
  3. running gloves, they are moisture wicking
  4. moisture wicking running hat


  1. long sleeve moisture wicking shirt
  2. long sleeve moisture wicking mock turtleneck
  3. Nike combat long sleeve, with thumb holes
  4. wind resistant lightweight jacket(mine is from Walmart) but I recently bought a longer NIKE one.


  1. cold-gear underarmour tights- any brand will do
  2. socks-thicker warmer ones, I have underarmour but I have worn wool ones
  3.  thicker running pants, but they are tight to the skin

I refuse to give up what I love to the weather.  If I can get out 1-2 times a week, I am golden.  Otherwise I am indoors on the elliptical, doing T25 or a Jillian Michaels workout video.



Birthday Banner


When you can’t find EXACTLY what you are looking for you create it yourself, RIGHT.  I created exactly what I wanted, again using PICMONKEY.   I printed them out on regular 8.5 x 11 copy paper.  Cut out the black triangle and you have a perfect shaped banner.  I paired these up with DIY tassel garland out of plastic tablecloths to create a fun festive banner for a super special birthday lady at work:)

Stay tuned for the tutorial on plastic table cloth tassel garland…hint hint this was practice for my sons graduation party decorations.

birthday banner

Here is your free printable!

4 x 6 size  Letters for banner, click on letter to open the pdf.


………….H A P P-teal Y-pink


………………………………………..1 5th


…………………..B  I R T


…………………..h-white D A2 Y

Blank 4 x 6


………………………………Teal white pink





Cheesy Broccoli Soup


Christmas celebration on with my family is always low very key.  No fancy foo foo stuff, we wear flannels, warm socks and hats go sledding and play outside!  Our dinner is nothing traditional either.  By this time of the holiday season we are all tired of turkey, ham and potatoes.  So typically we have some sort of sandwich either turkey supreme sausage or sloppy joes,  plus fresh veggies, chips and my mom’s cheesy broccoli soup.  Of course we never forget the sweet and savory treats of Christmas cookies, Chex mix and puppy chow.  


I would bet most of my family would say the same thing, that the soup is a must no matter kind of the sandwich, because it is all our favorite and it goes with anything.  I do not have  a clue where my mom got this recipe but it is hearty, cheesy, veggie, and oh so good!  


******Over the years of making this the ONLY thing I can preach over and over is DO NOT let it cook on medium, high or worse let it BOIL.  Once all the veggies have been added with the water and bouillon cubes, heat for 30 minutes on medium.  But then reduce to a simmer and  add the cream and cheese.  Then the temperature can stay at a simmer, stirring occasionally.  If you cook on higher heat then simmer you risk burning the cheese and cream base…which is not good.  

Happy cooking!


Another New Year…time goes by

I promise too:


I am not a New Year’s Resolution kind of person, actually I do not think I have ever made a New Year’s resolution.  I find them kind of silly sometimes, because most of the time I read or hear about these over the top unattainable resolutions.  But this year either I have a different mindset, a clearer vision or I have been reading too much BUT I want to make three simple resolutions. Although, I do not want to call them resolutions because this sounds cliche. I want to make them promises to myself.  These promises I have wanted to do for a long time, but have never just done it or started but not finished.   Sometimes in order to do something you need to write it down, have a vision, create the goal and do it.  Really I have just never made them a priority.  So in no particular order here are the three promises to myself:

  1.  Make my mom’s recipes and create a cookbook for my family of them
  2. Log every mile I run in my lovely planner(which will be here Wednesday..THANK YOU Amazon PRIME:)
  3. Blog one time per week.

Each one of these has their meaning to me and I can’t wait to get started.