Cookie Monster Cake


My husband just might be the human cookie monster, for his love of anything sweet but especially homemade chocolate chip cookies.  So when this commercial came out, he laughed, watched and then said “I love cookie monster”.   This commercial is adorable but it is totally my hubby when waiting for the cookie—IMPATIENT! So for his love of Cookie Monster, love of chocolate chip cookie, love of cake, love of sweets: this cake is just for him.

iPhone 6s-Timer


Don’t be alarmed by the ingredient list.  It is actually quite simple to put together.

  1. make the cake and let it cool

  2. make the cookies dough frosting, assemble the cake, put in refriderator.

  3. make cookies and cream frosting, frost entire cake

  4. make ganache, pour over cake

  5. make eyes

  6. ENJOY, because it is a delicious cake:)

Cookie monster cake


Inspiration cake &  blue cookies and cream frosting recipe: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Chocolate Cake Recipe: Rose Bakes

Cookie Dough Frosting Recipe : Liv for Cake

Happy Baking and Recreating:)


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