Strength training and running= Kayla Itsines?

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I will not sugar coat it, strength training is not my favorite, it does not give me the same rush as running does BUT I have always known it is important.  I am a little in denial that I am getting older and things I could do or did do needs to shift a little.  So this brings to strength training.  To keep my bones and muscles in tip-top shape I need to take care of them and use them, so  I have been strength training more seriously since February.

February – May: I completed the FREE 6 week mini series workouts from the awesome blogger and workout mom Brianna Christine, BIKINI BODY MOMMY.  She is real, funny and very encouraging.  Her workouts are taped in full including a warm up and cool down, excellent to keep you motivated even when you want to quit.

May: I needed a change and get a hold of my eating.  I believe I found this on PINTEREST and thought I would give it a try.  So I completed two rounds(not religiously though) of trainer Lindsey Mathews, 15 Day Fit Body Challenge.  Lindsey’s workouts are also taped in full.  I liked the set up of working out several different muscle groups in one workout.  I felt her workouts challenged me more and I was getting stronger.

May 30-June 6th:  #BBG is all over INSTAGRAM, Kayla Itsines is all over INSTAGRAM.  So while finishing up my 15 day challenge workouts, I did research in to who is Kayla Itsines?  Women’s Health magazine has a simple article about her, the workouts and the eating plan.  So why not give it a try, for 7 days.

Here is my 7 day workout Kayla Itsines, #BBG, #BBGcommunity, IF I did anything extra it is in RED.

I a wrote a separate post about the heathy eating plan…so stay tuned as I finish that up.

BBG Training Week 1

  • May 30th- LEGS:  I HATE STRENGTH TRAINING LEGS!!!  Do you hear me, I HATE STRENGTH TRAINING LEGS!  But I do it!  I hate it so much because I am sore afterwards which affects my running.  I did body weight and ONLY completed 2 circuits, Legs were burning after 2.  They are still sore from my last weeks leg work outs. + 3 mile run..ya see I love to run:)

  • May 31st- LSS: 4.6 mile run with 8 minute recovery walk- total time 46 minutes.

  • June 1st- ARMS and ABS; great work out, definitely tired during and after, LOVED the AB workouts.+  a 3.2 mile run

  • June 2nd- LSS: 5 mile run with 5 minute recovery walk= total minutes 48 minutes

  • June 3rd- Full Body Workout, great workout but still only did body weight when weights for legs were needed, my abs were still sore from Tuesday workout! + a 3.2 mile run

  • June 4th-LSS- NOTHING, I typically have a longer run on Sunday so I waited.  So today was more or less my recovery or rest day.

  • June 5th-Recovery- LSS:RUN- 6 miles. 52 minutes


I enjoyed the workouts a lot except for the legs, but maybe if I stick with it I will learn to like them.  All of the workouts were challenging but doable.  I was sweaty and out of breath sometimes, but determined to finish.  I knew I pushed myself during the workouts because I felt it later in the day and the next day.  I am definitely thinking about purchasing the plan, if I do I will post about it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 9.36.42 AM

Happy Strength Training!


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