Just run: Part 1

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 7.14.23 PM

Wow, its been over two months since my last post, 4 months since my last running post and 7 months post Mankato marathon. My time has been wonderfully consumed by my son graduating, sports, work, kitchen/bathroom updating and family.  But that doesn’t mean I have stopped, I just keep running, with no plan really.  I still need my stress relief.

Living in southwest Minnesota, you need to run with the elements: rain, snow, sleet, wind or humidity.  I embrace it all, that doesn’t mean I run outside in the elements every day but I take the challenge on because what can I do about.  I can’t make it any better, but running makes me better.

So today I ran in the rain.  It was forecasted to rain all morning, but I could not wait until evening as we had a baseball game to cheer on to victory.  So out I go 59 degrees, minimal wind and rain.  My run began with sprinkles of rain and by the end it was a down pour and I ENJOYED every minute of my 4 mile victory.

Just Run part 1

So I am back in the game of blogging again, I have missed it.










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