Girl on a mission-Barn wood picture frame


My youngest son has a birthday twin with an awesome young lady, April 15th.  The two are 6 years apart BUT the best of buddies. Their friendship has grown over the last 4 years because their older brothers are friends and have played varsity baseball togethers since they were freshmen.   The two look for each other at each and every game, and it is not the same if she is not able to be there.  Kaitibug (nickname from her parents), is a tomboy with a sweet, caring, outgoing personality.   Their friendship is unique and warms my heart.  She is an amazing young lady and could ask for a better role model for my son.

So since baseball season is a busy time of year, we have made their birthday special by celebrating at a game with each other and then sharing treats with the team.  Over the last four years they have bought something for each other, typically with a baseball theme.  I was struggling this year on what to get her.  Until she did something amazing, she played guitar and sang a self written song to her 6th grade bandmates.  I was fortunate enough to watch her do this and was blown away.  To tears actually, and I do not cry easy.  Afterward I snapped a few pictures of her, lying to her that they were for her mom.  So when I came across a GIRL ON A MISSION, I knew what I needed to do with the pictures.


Here they are opening each others gifts, at they best place in town…THE BASEBALL FIELD!


So how did I make this awesome gift, see my earlier post grandchildren sign.

Steps to creating Painted wood sign.

  1. Type and print out quote on Computer, choose a fun font

  2. Tape printed out quote to the carbon paper,

  3. Tape both carbon paper and printed quote to the wood

  4. Trace the lettering, press hard enough for the lettering to show up on the wood.

  5.  Paint lettering with color of choice, let dry


Just run: Part 1

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 7.14.23 PM

Wow, its been over two months since my last post, 4 months since my last running post and 7 months post Mankato marathon. My time has been wonderfully consumed by my son graduating, sports, work, kitchen/bathroom updating and family.  But that doesn’t mean I have stopped, I just keep running, with no plan really.  I still need my stress relief.

Living in southwest Minnesota, you need to run with the elements: rain, snow, sleet, wind or humidity.  I embrace it all, that doesn’t mean I run outside in the elements every day but I take the challenge on because what can I do about.  I can’t make it any better, but running makes me better.

So today I ran in the rain.  It was forecasted to rain all morning, but I could not wait until evening as we had a baseball game to cheer on to victory.  So out I go 59 degrees, minimal wind and rain.  My run began with sprinkles of rain and by the end it was a down pour and I ENJOYED every minute of my 4 mile victory.

Just Run part 1

So I am back in the game of blogging again, I have missed it.