Gluten and Dairy Free Cupcakes


I love a baking challenge.  So when I planned to make cupcakes for the hockey team and parents, I knew I needed to make a gluten AND dairy free cupcake.  I was ok with the gluten free cupcake, because I was using a box mix but the dairy free frosting was something I was very unsure of.  Plus I wanted it to look as BEAUTIFUL as the other cupcakes and nobody should be left out because of their food allergies.

gluten & dairy free cupcake

I was stoked when I found this box mix in our local grocery store because I only needed to add eggs, oil and water. Although this mix says it contains milk, I sent a pic of the ingredients to the parent, they said it would be ok.  Now on to the frosting.  I really wanted something that could be piped, so I needed something close to a buttercream but only dairy free.  I tossed between a few recipes and ended with this one, Dairy Free Buttercream.  The end result is a cupcake that looks no different from the regular ones.

**If you do not like coconut, you will not like this frosting because of the use of coconut oil.  HOWEVER, if you do like coconut or coconut flavor, these cupcakes are perfect for you even if you do not have a dairy allergy.

dairy free buttercream

recipe from Gluten Free GIGI

Happy baking challenge:)



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