Teacher Valentines using PicMonkey


Valentines day is a CUTE day to celebrate your appreciation for EVERYONE.  To me it is not just for you love(significant other), but for your sister, mom, brother, dad, children, friend really anyone who you have a deep appreciation for.  Working in a school, I have a HUGE appreciation for teachers.  So for my kids teachers I like to send them special things through out the year, and Valentines Day is no exception.


If you have not heard of or tried PicMonkey.com, you must.  It is not only my favorite site to create things, it is my only site to create things.  In addition to creating what ever you want you can edit pictures, touch up pictures, design anything and make collages.  The options are really endless on PicMonkey.com.  All things you create save to your computer as a .jpeg, which is just another bonus. PLUS, it is FREE.  Yes I said FREE!! You can upgrade to the paid royal membership which is $33.00 dollars a year, but even without the upgrade there is a TON of choice. Go check it out:)

So with PICMONKEY.com, I created my children’s teacher valentines.  You can download this pdf. file for your FREE copy. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to everyone:)

Teacher Popcorn Valentine pdf

Teacher popcorn valentine

Idea from: kristendukephotography

Happy Creating:)



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