White Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting


I believe hockey is in the blood, you got to love it to put up with all there is to raising a hockey player.  Growing up the youngest of three I was dragged to all my siblings sporting events.  Hockey is what my older brother played.  I knew if I ever had children I wanted a hockey player.  Hockey is a sport everyone in the family has to commit too.
My oldest is 18 and plays hockey for the Varsity team.  He plays other sports too, but hockey is by far his passion. He is competitive and self motivated to improve.  His  biggest competition is himself because he is always striving for improvement.  I am very blessed with a hard-working individual, I get to call my son.hockey2As he is nearing the end of his senior year of hockey, it is time to honor the gentlemen for all their dedication, leadership and friendship.  I wanted it to be special not just for him but for the 6 teammates he has come to know very well for over a decade. There is nothing stronger then their hockey bond.

To decorate these cupcakes for the hockey theme, I used Mini York Peppermint Patties, I piped the jersey numbers on with melted white chocolate which I added Wilton Icing Color too.  The hockey stick is a rolled out Tootsie roll, although they turned cute.  But if were to make these again I would use Pretzel sticks and stick them together with melted chocolate.  I wanted the hockey stick to stand upright which at first it was not, they would wilt back onto the cupcake.  So I had to get creative and I piped a thin line of the melted white chocolate on the back to add as support, then used the chocolate as glue to the cupcake.

**tutorial swirl 2 color frosting.


White Cupcake

Buttercream Frosting recipe adapted from Brown Eyed Baker and Baker by Nature

Cupcake Recipe from The Cake Doctor

Happy Baking:)



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