Baseball Bags

baseball bags

I fell in love with this baseball bag when I pinned it months ago.  Not just for me but also for my kiddos teachers who also love the game.  So with this in mind, I set out to recreate it.  The end result is a stunning snack bag perfect to cheer on our boys of summer:)

Step to creating Canvas Baseball Bag

  1. Type and print out quote on Computer on card stock, choose a fun font

  2. Create stencils out of the card stock

  3. Trace the lettering with a permanent marker

  4. Color in the stencil with acrylic paint

  5. Dry completely, 1 hour

  6. Apply mod podge over paint

  7. Apply another layer of mod podge

  8. Spray on MOD PODGE clear acrylic sealer to seal.

  9. Dry for 1-2 hours

idea from The Crafting Chicks-baseball bag

Happy creating:)


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