Glittered Canvas

positive quote on canvas

I was searching for a simple positive quote to make gift for my sons girlfriend.   This one came up on a google search and I knew it was the one.  The perfect one for her, simple and to the point.

positive quote 2

Steps to creating this Glittered Canvas Print is similar to glittered state on canvas.

  1. Paint canvas color of your choice, I chose a light gray.

  2. Type and print out quote on Computer, choose a fun font

  3. Tape printed out quote to the carbon paper,

  4. Tape both carbon paper and printed quote to the canvas

  5. Trace the lettering, press hard enough for the lettering to show up on the canvas.

  6.  Paint lettering with color of choice

  7. Tape a border using blue painters tape

  8. Apply mod podge to the exposed border

  9. Sprinkle glitter over mod podge

  10. Let mod podge dry for at leat 30 minutes.

  11. Repeat steps 8-10, on any exposed area.

  12. When done with glitter, spray on MOD PODGE clear acryllic sealer to seal the glitter.

  13. Dry for 1-2 hours

Happy Creating:)


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