Grandchildren sign

grandchildren sign

I created several gifts during the month of December but this was by far the easiest and it cost me nothing.  The most rewarding part of making a handmade gift is seeing the reaction of the recipients.  This gift was given to a new grandmother.

grandchildren sign directions

Steps to creating Painted wood sign.

  1. Type and print out quote on Computer, choose a fun font

  2. Tape printed out quote to the carbon paper,

  3. Tape both carbon paper and printed quote to the wood

  4. Trace the lettering, press hard enough for the lettering to show up on the wood.

  5.  Paint lettering with color of choice, let dry

  6. Apply mod podge to seal the lettering over the entire piece of wood.

  7. Let mod podge dry for at least 30 minutes.

  8. Wrap twine around wood piece 3-4 times.

  9. Paint cloths pins with colors of your choice

  10. Clip clothes pins to twine.

  11. Attach hanging hardware to the back of the wood.

Happy Crafting:)



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