Glittered State with heart on canvas

state canvas

My brother and his family moved to Florida August of 2014.  It’s crazy how your heart can be broken when a loved one moves.  I miss him, his wife and their 4 kids dearly.  When they lived in Minnesota they were 3 hours away but 3 hours away is nothing compared to several states away. So I created this glittered state and poem to remind them, and myself the bond we have even though the distance is between us is greater.

glitter state directions

Steps to creating the glittered state

  1.  Print out your state from google images

  2. Using a copier, adjust the height of the image to the size you need and print on heavier card stock paper

  3. Cut out the state

  4. Poke a hole in the state where you will put the heart

  5. Apply mod podge to the state

  6. Sprinkle glitter over mod podge

  7. Let mod podge dry for at leat 30 minutes.

  8. Repeat steps 8-10, on any exposed area.

  9. When done with glitter, spray on MOD PODGE clear acrylic sealer to seal the glitter.

  10. Dry for 1-2 hours

glittered state canvas directions

Steps to creating the painted poem

  1. Paint canvas color of your choice, I choose a light gray.

  2. Type and print out quote on Computer, choose a fun font

  3. Tape printed out quote to the carbon paper,

  4. Tape both carbon paper and printed quote to the canvas

  5. Trace the lettering, press hard enough for the lettering to show up on the canvas.

  6.  Paint lettering with color of choice

  7. Hot glue the glittered state onto the canvas.

Happy Creating:)


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