What I need for a long run

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 7.40.00 AM

photo credits to NYC Running Mamma

But sometimes you need more than your thoughts on a long run.  A long run for me is anything over 10 miles.  10 Miles is about when I need more such as water, gummies and maybe even music.  I would often test my limits on how far I could go before I “rewarded myself” and continue on the run.  With the exception of water, typically I can last 1 hour without having to have a water break.  Over the years of training for fulls and 1/2 marathons I have found what works for me and what gets me though the long runs

My long run needs:

  1. flipbelt-although mine is not the actual Flipbelt brand these things are AWESOME, say goodbye to arm phone holders. These flipbelts are very comfortable:)
  2. waterbottle-yes this is NECESSARY.  These are similar to what I have –4 bottle belt and 1 bottle.  I do not use them for every run or even every long run or during a race BUT I love the two that I have.  Sometimes when I do not want to wear it I schedule my runs around town to where I can have water stops, at the golf course club house, park bathrooms, gas stations or anywhere just so I can keep going.  Not all runs can take place in my small town’s radius so I have to go out on the contry road, this is when I NEED to wear it.
  3. music-pandora off my Iphone:)
  4. jolly ranchers-who would have thought I would look forward to jolly ranchers on my longer runs.  The longer lasting sugar burst is a little secret I found worked for me as I was training for this last marathon.
  5. gum- any peppermint kind will do (although I am a constant gum chewer, every run I have gum, even short ones)
  6. gatorade chews– These are my go-to chews.  I have tried a running gel once and it did not settle well in my stomach.  But these sugared energy chews are excellent.  I typically save them for 17+ miles or actual race day.  They are reasonable priced and can be found in my small local grocery store:)

long run needs

Happy Running:)






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