Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes


I am quite positive we can all think of the co-worker that is so amazing and special,that work would not be the same without them.  Mine is our special education secretary.  She is amazing, hardworking, dedicated, great listener and makes me laugh everyday.  Since she is so very special to me she deserves something special.  Her favorite combination is cherry and chocolate. Actually her favorite candy bar is a TWIN BING bar.  To see her smile over these equally beautiful and yummy cupcakes was worth all the steps.


The basic chocolate cupcake is tweaked a little with an added tart cherry juice.  It is not an overwhelming cherry flavor, very subtle.  The chocolate cupcake is topped twice: once with a chocolate gnache and then frosted with a cherry butter cream.  I did add red food coloring to get a more vibrant pink.  The result is a gorgeous cupcake:)


cherry chocolate cupcakes


recipe from Curly Girl Kitchen

Happy Baking



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