Marathon Must Haves

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Running is a minimal sport, meaning all you need is a good pair of running shoes and workout clothes.  It isn’t until you get into racing and longer distance that my NEED for running equipment grew.  Here are my MARATHON MUST HAVES.

  1. Headband, this was used off and on during the run to cover my ears.  I wanted to protect my ears from the chilly morning and wind as I was still recovering from the sinus infection.
  2. LOVE my OAKLEY FLAK Sunglasses.
  3. Nike running long-sleeved, I have had this 3/4 zip long-sleeved shirt for several years, it is one of my favorites to run in.
  4. Mizuno running socks, I did not know how important a good pair of running socks were until I actually about a good pair.
  5. Fila sports bra, a good one is  MUST have
  6. Nike Capri, the morning was chilly but not warm enough for me to wear shorts.  Theses are my only running capris, so they see a lot of the wash machine.
  7. Asics Gel-Kayano 21 running shoe.  There are many great brand out there, but Asics is my brand.
  8. Nike TOMTOM gps watch.  Another MUST have especially for the 18 week training schedule.
  9. Nike Dry-Fit T-shirt, because dry fit feels so good:)


These 9 items are what I used during my marathon and during my training.  Besides my shoes, the two I items I love and appreciate more than others is my gps watch and my sunglasses.  A gps watch to log your miles and help keep your pace is a must when you are training.  The Nike TOMTOM is easy to use, connects gps quickly and I love the big screen.   The sunglasses are something my husband gave me as a gift because I kept using his Oakley FLAK sunglasses.  The FLAK is a weightless pair of sunglasses, absolutely LOVE them.


Happy Running:)



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