Globe Project


One of the more fulfilling committees I serve on is apart of our union but it is organizing the Teacher of the Year, from gathering nomination, to suprising them, to planning their party.  This year a close family friend has been chosen so I wanted to make something extra special for him because he is an extra special teacher and an incredible person.  He is a social studies teacher so my brain starting thinking constitution, pictures, maps, …GLOBE.  I immediately went to our janitor to ask him if we had globes sitting in storage that were not being used.  “Of course there are”, he said and lead me right too them.  EXCELLENT, but now what to do with them.  I knew writing something but what.




So I came across this post on PINTEREST.  With a perfect saying for an amazing individual.  Although the blog provided a beautiful saying, I needed to come up with an alternative way to get the quote onto the globe, I do not own a Silhouette.  I knew I must handwrite it.


My steps to the globe projects.

1.   I first typed out the quote in a font I could duplicate plus in a large enough size I could visualize on the globe. I then began to write it on the globe with a washable maker. I wrote, erased, wrote and erased several time until I felt it was perfect.

2.  In planning how to get the writing in white, I thought acrylic paint will work, well it didn’t.  So I headed to my local ACE hardware store to see what they had.  I can across this paint enamel pen and I thought what the heck give it a try.  Well it turned out to be exactly what I needed.  The paint pen works similar to the chalkboard pens, you have to shake the liquid to the soft pen tip.  This enamel pen also dries quick, so if I screwed up I needed to correct it almost immediately.

3.   After the paint was completely dry, about 1 hour.  I covered the globe with Saran wrap and secured all holes or potential holes with packaging tape.  I then took it outside to give it a couple of coats of the bronze spray paint. I spray painted the silver base and axis holding the globe.


The end result is something I am proud of.  The bronze color makes the globe pop and my handwriting is pretty good.  I hope he enjoys it as much as I had creating it.  CONGRATULATIONS TEACHER OF THE YEAR 2015.



Happy creating!




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