Classic Buttermilk Waffles


A Christmas gift to my husband several years ago was a Belgian waffle iron, well lets be honest it was more for me to use and him to reap the benefits.  Actually my family benefits too because of my love for being in the kitchen.  All my meals are with them in mind, adjusting to our taste buds but challenging them out of their box.  Keeping meals simple but special.


I purchased a rotating waffle maker  from our local SHOPKO on a black friday.  It super easy to use and a snap to clean up. Double bonus if you ask me.  Since breakfast is his and everybody’s favorite meal any time of day and I like to make breakfast, it was the perfect gift. Homemade waffles from scratch take minutes to prepare, nothing compared to the boxed mix.  Just look how fluffy they are.  Pair waffles with eggs and bacon, or sausage and you have created a wonderful meal anytime of day.  This recipes is classic but very flavorful and buttery. ENJOY!


waffles recipe

recipe from Brown Eyed Baker



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