Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins


Fresh made and homemade chocolate chip muffins. The smell, the taste, absolutely DELICIOUS.  These muffins are truly amazing.  You can’t go wrong the simple muffin base is moist and flavorful and the perfect amount of cholcolate chips.  Every bite you get chocolate chips, there it not shortage here.

I make all my muffins in silicone muffin cups.  They are easy to use and come out clean.  Another way to make these muffins is into mini.  Mini muffins are great for my younger kids.  I always feel like I am getting more out of a recipe when I use the mini muffin pan.  Plus the mini muffins are so cute:)  You can guess about 3 mini muffins makes about 1 regular size muffin.  So this recipe will yield about 36-42 mini muffins.


bakery style ccmuffins recipe


recipe from sallysbakingaddition.  Sally’s Baking Addition blog is an excellent blog, make sure you go and browse through.  Keep your drool at a minimum though:)

Happy Baking and eating:)



2 thoughts on “Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins

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