FINAL Marathon Training week 18

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.04.09 PM

I DID IT!! 2nd Marathon complete:)

What a week I have had leading up to the big race.  A race you put so much time and energy(mental and physical).  My sinuses really flared up after my 10 mile Sunday long run.  I tried to ignore it but woke up Monday, got ready for work and my husband said I looked and sounded awful.  I decided to stay home and called the dr.  Doctors said my ears were full of mucus and since I had been dealing with it for almost a week she gave me a prescription antibiotic.  I went home and slept but as the day and evening went on I was still not feeling better.   Tuesday I tried work, only to go home at 12:00 pm, but upon going home I stopped at the local pharmacy to pick up a Netti Pot sinus rinse and then to a local DoTerra seller for the BREATH oil.  At this point I was desperate to fell better. On to Wednesday, I tried work again only to go home at 12:00 pm.

So three days on a prescription antibiotic, two days with a DOterra Oil and netti pot treatments, more sleep than ever and I pushed myself out the door to run 3 miles.  At this point I was getting nervous about the marathon and my health not improving.  The run felt OK, my pace was fine but it was heard to breath.  

I continued to struggle through the remainder of the week, getting slightly better every day.  


Mankato Marathon, I finished it was about 10 minutes faster than my first.  Super happy that I beat my Duluth Grandmas Marathon time.  The breeze throughout the morning picked up and on the last 2 miles I was finding it hard to breath, more do to the cold I have been getting over but the dry wind did not help.  I was definitely wheezy as I made my way to the finish.  My official finishing time was 4:05:42.  

I will be writing a more detailed post on the marathon.  For now I just want to lay here and not think:)

WEEK 18 Training-Red is what I ran for the week

  • Monday-REST- REST
  • Tuesday-3 miles-REST
  • Wednesday- 2 miles-3 miles
  • Thursday-REST-3 miles
  • Friday- 2 miles-2 miles
  • Saturday-RACE- Active Rest- 2 miles walked 
  • Sunday- Recovery cross-Race Day 26.2 miles

Happpy Recovery:)




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