Barnwood Card Holder


Barnwood is a beautiful thing.  It has character without having to do anything to it.  The aged, warped, not perfect pieces is what makes it timeless and unique.  When my DIY girlfriend said she has a barn that is being torn down, we jumped to our computers looking for what to create it with thte wood.  We shared a lot of ideas but since Christmas was coming up we agreed on the Barnwood Christmas Tree.  This post yet to come, closer to Christmas when it makes it way to my front porch.

We had plenty of wood left over after our tress were together.  Our Minds were thinking, and our creative juces flowing.  Several idea were found off of PINTEREST like this on , barn wood card holder.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.03.45 PM

I took the leftover barn wood and secured a scrap wood piece on the back to connect all three pieces.  I used thumbtacks to secure the twine on the back and hung the twine back and forth.  Painted clothes pins work the best to hang papers.

barnwood card holder 1

 So when it is not Christmas card season it typically looks like this.  An excellent piece to hang the kids projects, important documents or really just about anything.


Happy creating!




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