Marathon Training Week 16


26.2 Marathon- it a tremendous acomplishments.  It’s the running community, support and excitement that will get me(anyone) though this run.  This sunday morning I am enjoying my coffee, blogging and watching the live Twitter Feed  on the Twin Cities Marathon.   The energy that surrounds a marathon is exhilarating and I am excited.

If you have never run a marathon, or seen a marathon, I encourage to do so.  Running my first 1/2 Marathon in Duluth, MN at Grandma’s Marathon is where I really got hooked.  Like most marathons and 1/2 marathons, theses two races are set at separate times.  The Duluth race is set on the gorgeous historic highway/downtown along Lake Superior.  Although the setting is beautiful it was the amount of people out to support thousands of runners was surprising to me as a new comer.  I finished the race, with enough time to get to a spot near the finish to watch world-class athletes finish the last 800 meters.  Sitting there enjoying my post snack and Gatorade, I was getting excited as I saw the lead runners come around the corner.  Their run was FLAWLESS and it looked effortless!  I got the chills and a warm heart not because I finished my first 1/2 marathon, but because I was watching athletes at their peak.  They have put in hours, weeks, months of preparation for this event.  Sitting there I knew I was now apart of a family, a running community that supported each other.  Hook…Line…Sinker.


**pictures from my long run, wild turkeys in the right picture**

Week 16 Schedule: the weather is getting cooler here in Minnesota!

  • Monday-REST-Active Rest with Cross Country Runners: I bikes about 5 miles as they ran!
  • Tuesday-5 miles- Used this day at another Rest day, I just wanted it.
  • Wednesday- 4 miles- 5 miles
  • Thursday- 5 miles- 4 Miles
  • Friday- REST- 3 Miles-HILLS:)
  • Saturday-12 miles- Active Rest- I worked at the Eatery.
  • Sunday- cross- LONG RUN…18 miles no running partner:(  But super excited that I made 18 miles ALL BY MYSELF!

Week 17 Schedule

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-4 miles
  • Wednesday- 3 miles
  • Thursday- 4 miles
  • Friday- REST
  • Saturday-8 miles
  • Sunday- cross

Happy Running!



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