Marathon Recap

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2nd Marathon Completed

here is my recap of the race weekend.

Saturday night

I packed my after race bag, and layed out my race clothes, plus packed my race day essentials.

  • -flip belt
  • -watch
  • -headphones
  • -Gatorade gummies
  • -Jolly ranchers


  • 5:00-first alarm
  • 5:20-finally get up, make coffee, got dressed
  • 5:45-putting final items in the car, starting waking up the husband
  • 5:55-put sleepy kids in the car
  • 6:05-on the road
  • 6:30-pit stop bathroom
  • 7:15-reached running partners apartment, last-minute checking before they bring us to the start
  • 7:30-reach starting line
  • 7:40- last bathroom stop
  • 7:45-start making our way to the start line,
  • 8:00-1, 2, 3-GO


As any runner will probably say, you get into a running zone. So I clearly remember parts of the run because of sensory, conversations, mile marker or pain. The other miles I was in a zone, just one foot in front of the other.

Miles 1-6 first large hill, this early in the race they were no problem.

Mile 7 another hill! But again early in the race do was able to tackle them no problem.

Mile 8 is where we saw our families for the first time. My running partner spotted hers first, I waved too but as we were turning the corner running partner said LOOK there’s your kids! I almost totally missed them. It was so thrilling to hear, “GO MOMMY”!!

Miles 9-14– Weaved our way back into town, Feeling good, BUT this is where I frist felt difficulty.   Being in the country with farmers plowing and kicking up all that dust was really hard. !

Mile 15-MUCH needed potty break also Strong cross wind. My kids were out cheering at several spots on the highway.

Mile 17– I remember celebrating with running partner that we have single digits left!!

Mile 19– is were I hit my first block, I was feeling a pain in my front right hip flexor plus my chest was hurting making it difficult to breath. I walked up a hill but told running partner to keep going. I walked only for a brief moment, still keeping her in my sights. I started to run at the top of the hill and caught up with her. At this time she mentioned her knees were in pain, so she needed to walk. I then kept running but she did catch up with me.

Miles 20-22– were through this beautiful nature path. At this point in the race we needed to be by more fans and not trees to keep us motivated.

Miles 22– hitting town again but only to take us out quickly for the last 4 miles.

Miles 23-25– is where we both equally struggled, mentally and physically. We took our turns cheering each other on, walking briefly, only to start up again. Some highlights of this leg was the ORANGES and GUMMY BEARS the fans were giving out. These were so refreshing.

Mile 25– we knew we were so close BUT still so far away. At this point we hit a head on STRONG WIND, this was very difficult for my breathing. It was windy throughout the entire morning race but we only met it for brief moment as a cross wind not a head on wind. This was really difficult for us. BUT as runners do, you hunker down and keep moving knowing the next turn will direct us away.

Mile 25.5-26 FINALLY making our way back to town. We are getting excited.

Mile 26-26.2-All I see ahead of me is a hill, and I immediately feel discouraged. I was now wheezy and felt a lot of pain on my leg. I told my running partner to run, I could tell she did not want to leave me, but I did not want to hold her back. I walked up this hill (which looking back is not really a hill but a small incline). The race official at the top said, “4 blocks left, you can to this’. I thought “WHAT, 4 blocks!! Hell ya I got this.” And I ran, I was not able to catch her, but I was moving. 4 blocks and I believe I counted each one.

As you run into the finish, you know there are people around but you are in such a haze, it sounds like a movie in your head. You know they are there but you really can’t hear or see them. As I crossed the finished line, I DID IT! Saw my kids and husband cheering. And there was my partner waiting for me, we were only 20 seconds apart but it was awesome to give her a hug and walk our way through together!

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.15.39 PM


Happy Running!







Not your ordinary Pancakes



I seem to always be on the search for the best pancakes.  You know you have a winner when your 17 year old says, “Mom these are the BEST pancakes”.  Now you have to understand my oldest.  He is a non stop, all day eater.  He is not the least bit picky, and he is pretty sufficient in the kitchen.  If there is nothing to eat he will create something on his own.  So when he gives a compliment like “Mom these are the BEST”.  I know he truly means it.


These are sweet and fluffy pancakes.  Syrup is definitely optional, I can eat them plain or topped with a fresh berry of any kind.





recipe adapted from Cookin Up North




Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins


Fresh made and homemade chocolate chip muffins. The smell, the taste, absolutely DELICIOUS.  These muffins are truly amazing.  You can’t go wrong the simple muffin base is moist and flavorful and the perfect amount of cholcolate chips.  Every bite you get chocolate chips, there it not shortage here.

I make all my muffins in silicone muffin cups.  They are easy to use and come out clean.  Another way to make these muffins is into mini.  Mini muffins are great for my younger kids.  I always feel like I am getting more out of a recipe when I use the mini muffin pan.  Plus the mini muffins are so cute:)  You can guess about 3 mini muffins makes about 1 regular size muffin.  So this recipe will yield about 36-42 mini muffins.


bakery style ccmuffins recipe


recipe from sallysbakingaddition.  Sally’s Baking Addition blog is an excellent blog, make sure you go and browse through.  Keep your drool at a minimum though:)

Happy Baking and eating:)


FINAL Marathon Training week 18

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.04.09 PM

I DID IT!! 2nd Marathon complete:)

What a week I have had leading up to the big race.  A race you put so much time and energy(mental and physical).  My sinuses really flared up after my 10 mile Sunday long run.  I tried to ignore it but woke up Monday, got ready for work and my husband said I looked and sounded awful.  I decided to stay home and called the dr.  Doctors said my ears were full of mucus and since I had been dealing with it for almost a week she gave me a prescription antibiotic.  I went home and slept but as the day and evening went on I was still not feeling better.   Tuesday I tried work, only to go home at 12:00 pm, but upon going home I stopped at the local pharmacy to pick up a Netti Pot sinus rinse and then to a local DoTerra seller for the BREATH oil.  At this point I was desperate to fell better. On to Wednesday, I tried work again only to go home at 12:00 pm.

So three days on a prescription antibiotic, two days with a DOterra Oil and netti pot treatments, more sleep than ever and I pushed myself out the door to run 3 miles.  At this point I was getting nervous about the marathon and my health not improving.  The run felt OK, my pace was fine but it was heard to breath.  

I continued to struggle through the remainder of the week, getting slightly better every day.  


Mankato Marathon, I finished it was about 10 minutes faster than my first.  Super happy that I beat my Duluth Grandmas Marathon time.  The breeze throughout the morning picked up and on the last 2 miles I was finding it hard to breath, more do to the cold I have been getting over but the dry wind did not help.  I was definitely wheezy as I made my way to the finish.  My official finishing time was 4:05:42.  

I will be writing a more detailed post on the marathon.  For now I just want to lay here and not think:)

WEEK 18 Training-Red is what I ran for the week

  • Monday-REST- REST
  • Tuesday-3 miles-REST
  • Wednesday- 2 miles-3 miles
  • Thursday-REST-3 miles
  • Friday- 2 miles-2 miles
  • Saturday-RACE- Active Rest- 2 miles walked 
  • Sunday- Recovery cross-Race Day 26.2 miles

Happpy Recovery:)



Barnwood Card Holder


Barnwood is a beautiful thing.  It has character without having to do anything to it.  The aged, warped, not perfect pieces is what makes it timeless and unique.  When my DIY girlfriend said she has a barn that is being torn down, we jumped to our computers looking for what to create it with thte wood.  We shared a lot of ideas but since Christmas was coming up we agreed on the Barnwood Christmas Tree.  This post yet to come, closer to Christmas when it makes it way to my front porch.

We had plenty of wood left over after our tress were together.  Our Minds were thinking, and our creative juces flowing.  Several idea were found off of PINTEREST like this on , barn wood card holder.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.03.45 PM

I took the leftover barn wood and secured a scrap wood piece on the back to connect all three pieces.  I used thumbtacks to secure the twine on the back and hung the twine back and forth.  Painted clothes pins work the best to hang papers.

barnwood card holder 1

 So when it is not Christmas card season it typically looks like this.  An excellent piece to hang the kids projects, important documents or really just about anything.


Happy creating!



Pumpkin Bars


Falling leaves, brisk mornings, cool evening, pumpkins and apple picking.  Going for walks on the cool eveing and breathing in the fresh smell of the falling leaves.  Fall is a beautiful time of year and here in Minnesota it has been a gorgeous one.  The aroma of these bars fills your house with sweet pumpkin and cinnamon.  The bars are light, fluffy and moist topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting.


This recipe is an excellent one for family gatherings or potlucks as one recipe makes a ton, this whole pan of yummy goodness sure to please everyone:)



pumpkin bars recipe


recipe adapted from Taste of Home


Week 17 Marathon Training

week 17



I am officially one week out from my 2nd marathon.  When you train and plan for something for so long, taking one week or one day at a time, you have to give yourself a pat on the back.  After this morning longish run, my training officially seems to be over, I just need the BIG race.  I feel prepared and ready!

I have even been talking and seriousely considering signing up for another marathon, training would not officially start until late february or early march as the race day is June 18, 2016.  This give me a few months to just run, not for time, speed or diatance but just run.  T0 get caught up in the moment of running and not thinking of every run as a part of training.  Running mindlesly is AWESOME.


week 171

**weather on my longer 10 miles

Week 17 Schedule: RED is what I actually ran.

  • Monday-REST- Rest
  • Tuesday-4 miles- 4 miles
  • Wednesday- REST- Rest, I came down with another HEAD cold and it hit strong late Tuesday night:( I am beginning to wonder if I have seasonal allergies.  
  • Thursday- 4 miles- 4 miles
  • Friday- REST-Rest
  • Saturday- 8 miles- ACTIVE REST, CrossCounty meet plus a 5k for my kiddos(running/walking)
  • Sunday- Cross Training- 10 miles

WEEK 18 Training:

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-3 miles
  • Wednesday- 2 miles
  • Thursday-REST
  • Friday- 2 miles
  • Saturday-RACE 
  • Sunday- Recovery cross

Happy running!