Week 15 Marathon Training

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 8.40.31 PM

Another week closer.

As the days go by I cross off the calender the countdown to marathon running day.  I am getting excited and I feel more than ready.  This week I was able to stay right on schedule EXCEPT the long run.  Throughout all this training, I have had to look ahead and plan.  I knew a month ago it would be very difficult to get this weekend long run and I was right.  Instead I spent time with family.  Saturday I worked at the Eatery until 2, decided on a bike ride because it was 80 degree and very sunny , too warm for a 20 mile run.  Then time at our lake lot to have a hunting feed.  Sunday was spent at an apple orchard/scarecrow/pumpkin patch with family and I saved a few minutes in the evening for a beautiful sunset run.  IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

I didn’t panic about it too much though.  Remember when I was sick earlier in September and I missed out on about 5 day of training including a longer run.  I bounce back great from this, so I know I will be fine.  I will get in a longer run next weekend, not sure the distance yet I will plan that over the week.  The bottom line is compared to training for my first marathon I feel amazing.

Week 15 Schedule

  • Monday-REST-REST but a very active rest.  Coach and I were out at 7:30 am, mapping out our cross-country miles for our home cross-country meet.  A beautiful event on a gorgeous day:)
  • Tuesday-5 miles-5 miles with the team
  • Wednesday- 5 miles- 4 Mile tempo run
  • Thursday- 5 miles- 6 miles with the team in the ran
  • Friday- REST- 3 miles
  • Saturday-20 miles- 10 Miles of Biking
  • Sunday- cross-9 miles only because I ran out of daylight.  

Week 16 Schedule

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-5 miles
  • Wednesday- 5 miles
  • Thursday- 5 miles
  • Friday- REST
  • Saturday-12 miles
  • Sunday- cross

Happy Running!



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