Marathon training week 14


Back on schedule!

Every fall is an adjustment for our family, the kids are back in school, we are working full-time, I am coaching cross-country, BUT adding training for a marathon and my husband is back in college for administration and you really have to make it work.


I was able to get all my runs in this week even while circling the athletes a few time until my GPS said I was done.

Week 14 Schedule, mine is red

  • Monday-Rest– REST….I had a cross-country meet, so it was a very active rest, almost like a cross training day with the sprinting to different section of the course to cheer/coach the athletes.  
  • Tuesday-5 miles– 3 miles not that I couldn’t run the 5 miles, practice got running late and I had to leave at 4:50, so a quick run with the junior high athletes and I was on my way to my witnessing job.
  • Wednesday-8 miles-6 mile hill workout with the varsity team
  • Thursday 5 mile run– another cross-country race day, I ran the course with the head coach and then continued on until I was at 5.
  • Friday- Rest- 3 mile run… I decided to run at today’s practice only because I knew it was short 3 miles.  We ran out to the golf course, where we hold our home cross-country meet on Monday.
  • Saturday- 12 miles– 12  GLORIOUS miles.  I ran this alone, I played my music had my route picked out and I was out the door.  It was beautiful weather and I felt great!
  • Sunday-cross..Just a beautiful day, cleaning house, taking a couple of relaxing walks, small bike rides…Does this count as Cross?  Not really and I am ok with that.

Week 15 Schedule

  • Monday-REST
  • Tuesday-5 miles
  • Wednesday- 5 miles
  • Thursday- 5 miles
  • Friday- REST
  • Saturday-20 miles
  • Sunday- cross

Happy running!



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