Fall porch

fall porch 1

My porch is one of the main reason I fell in love with our 1915’s home.  There is nothing better than waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch.  Taking in the fresh air, hearing birds signing and the gentle noise of the cars driving by.  It also our place to go during a thunderstorm, you are protected from the elements but still out in the storm.  The porch is a multifunctional place or our family.

So when it comes to decorating it for the seasons I like to dress it up with some of the bigger pieces I have created with my “pinterest friends group”.  There will be more to come on this great group of ladies.  A porch is just a porch, but dress it up, make it pretty and it is now a beautiful entrance into my home and a gorgeous outdoor living space.

Before, plain simple yet this is how it looked when I first fell in love(minus the bushes, painted teal door and red trim so imagine it even more plain).


After, love it(almost) I still need corn stalks to go besides the large pallet…

fall porch

Happy fall decorating!




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