Monthly Meal Planning


Not quite sure what started my family meal planning other than my family growing and having to be more organized.  I started in 2007, and I’ ve been doing it ever since.  I’ve actually kept all the notebooks of my meal plans, so if I ever get stumped I can go back and look at all the ideas and recipes, including the not so good recipes failures and successes.  If is was a good one, I simply right “GOOD” and if it wasn’t I right “YUCK”.

So it all starts around the 20th of every month.  I sit at my dining room table, typically in the morning, I brew good coffee, get my computer, notebook and recipe books.  The reason I do it on the 20th is because my husband and I work for the school system and we only get paid once a month.  So along with meal planning I, mass grocery shop and do all the bills.


So I sit and look up recipes, things I’ve pinned, view favorite food blogs and create a menu for the month.  Now I do not cook every night, so I only plan between 10-12 meals.  We ❤️ leftovers and I always have emergency meals or go to easy meals.  The meals include a main dish and a side dish.  I spend more time planning and prepping the main meal so side dishes need to be easy, typically steamed vegetable, smashed potatoes or a lettuce salad!  In keeping track of my meal for 8 year I definitely notice a trend in my menus over the seasons.

  • fall= hot dishes, and homemade breads
  • winter= soups or stews,
  • spring= sandwiches and pastas,
  • summer= grilling anything


I also have another notebook for my shopping list.  In this picture the menu/meal planning in on the left and the grocery list is on the right.  This way I have all the needed ingredient written down and ready to head to the grocery store.   

Happy meal planning




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