Banana Crumb Muffins


Using your over ripped bananas into bread is really genius.  It is taking what is no longer good to eat and using it for something else, waste nothing right?  My husband and I start everyday with a banana, my children typically have a banana as well.  When there are no bananas left in the house, it is time to go to the store.  They are a staple in our fruit basket.    So occasionally they get over ripped, especially during the humid/hot summer months.  I then throw them in the freezer until I make something with them.  Bananas give so much flavor and added moisture to quick breads; I am always on the search for different ways to use up the over ripened bananas in my freezer. 


This recipe definitely turns the bananas into something wonderful.  There really is nothing better than the aroma of homemade bread in the oven.  So with this moist delicate muffin with a sweet crunchy topping, this is one muffin that will surely reel you in.  You will have a hard time making regular banana bread after you have tried this recipe.

Banana Crumb Muffins-recipe

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