Easy Cupcake Party


My dear daughter’s birthday is at the beginning of winter, December 9th.  Thats right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas also in the middle of hockey and basketball season.  Although this was a great time for maternity leave it doesn’t leave a lot of room to celebrate.  We typically have her family celebration on a Saturday before her older brothers hockey game.  Starting at her sixth birthday we began a new tradition with her and celebrating a half birthday during the summer months with her friends.
So this years theme was cupcakes.  Her invitations were homemade and we had a  blast making them.   The cupcake is from this template.

We glued scrapbook paper for the cake, pink felt for the frosting and red felt for the cherry on top.  The inside is simply a series of different cupcakes I cut out of a party bag from a dollar store because I couldn’t find any cupcake stickers in my small town.   The result is a super cute fun birthday party invitation.

The party was at our local pool so during break time the girls decorated their cupcake to-go boxes.


Then on to the cupcakes…….


The girls decorated cupcakes with sprinkles, frosting and more sprinkles.   It was a lot of fun…. giggly fun.  The end result was colorful sugared out cupcakes!  Each girl was able to frost and decorate three cupcakes, one to eat at the party and two to take home in their beautiful decorated pastry boxes.  Result= Super Cute!





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