Marathon Training Week 8

After last weeks not so long run…I knew I needed to make this weeks long run.  See last weeks post, Week 7 Marathon Training.  My goal was 14 miles.   I thought of this run all week , I was a little nervous.  WHY nervous?  I didn’t make the run last week plus I did not have my running partner, so I was running 14 solo.

So I made some small changes to help make the long run easier.

  1. I watched what I ate, even with a wedding I did much better in what I ate.  With all the birthday celebrating, I was eating crappy.
  2. PMA- Positive Mental Attitude.  I just kept thinking positive about the run, knowing I could make it  if my mind stayed positive.
  3. I read this from HAL HIGDON Novice 2 Marathon Training Program I am following.  Reading this was the kicker I needed to get me through this.

Run slow: For experienced marathoners, I recommend that runners do their long runs anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds or more per mile slower than their marathon pace. The problem with offering this advice to many novice runners, however, is that they probably don’t know what their marathon pace is, because they never have run a marathon before! As an experienced runner, you may or may not have run a prior marathon, but hopefully you have done enough races, including a half marathon, so that you can predict your marathon pace. If not, don’t worry. Simply do your long runs at a comfortable pace, one that allows you to converse with your training partners, at least during the beginning of the run. Toward the end, you may need to abandon conversation and concentrate on the act of putting one foot in front of the other to finish. However, if you find yourself finishing at a pace significantly slower than your pace in the first few miles, you probably need to start much slower, or include regular walking breaks. It’s better to run too slow during these long runs, than too fast. The important point is that you cover the prescribed distance; how fast you cover it doesn’t matter. 

So on another beautiful but warm morning I set out for the 14 miler……and I did it.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

week 8 run

Week 8 training plan went as follows

  • Monday- Rest
  • Tuesday- 4 miles
  • Wednesday- 4 miles
  • Thursday- 7 Miles
  • Friday- Rest, friends wedding
  • Saturday- 12 mile bike ride
  • Sunday- 14 mile run

Week 9

  • Monday- Rest
  • Tuesday- 4 mile
  • Wednesday- 7 mile pace
  • Thursday- 4 mile
  • Friday- Rest
  • Saturday- 15
  • Sunday- Cross training, bike ride

Enjoy the run!



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