Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

snickerdoodle cupcake1

MY OLDEST IS 18! As parents we wonder what will it be like when, my child is this, or when my child does that.  Well I now have a child who is 18 and about to begin his senior year of high school.  I already knew what kind of cake he would like, it has been the same for as long as I can remember….ANGLE FOOD cake with strawberries and whipped cream.  Since I just make the box version(way cheaper with the price of eggs), I wanted to still do something special for him and something he would not expect.

snickerdoodle cupcake2

He is a hard-working kid, has worked as a farm hand for 5 years.  So I do not see him much.  His typical work day 7:45-5, he will come home to eat then go to some sport activity.  This week it has been football camp from 6-8, so what other way to celebrate turning 18 than with your coaches and teammates.  I contacted the coach, who was cool with me providing treats and offered me to put them in his classroom while the guys practices.  The sweetest phone call came at about 8:15…THANKS MOM for the cupcakes!!

snickerdoodle cupcake3Now about the cupcakes, they are a cinnamon and sugar, SNICKERDOODLE cupcake with Cream cheese frosting sprinkled with Cinnamon chips and more cinnamon and sugar!!  They are DELICIOUS!








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