Burlap flowers


My sister has always wanted a welcome sign for the entrance to her house such as my simple one I made out of scrap wood that I found on the side of the road.


So when my dad texted me if I wanted an old door from the house we grew up in,  I knew I could use this as the WELCOME sign she has wanted.  I wanted to keep it simple but beautiful. So just a hand painted WELCOME and a home made wreath to dress it up.

Now on to the burlaps flowers.  The door will be somewhat protected from the garage overhang but it still has to be ready for the 4 seasons of Minnesota weather.  So I searched the net for a more sturdy flower and I found this AWESOME tutorial, which lead me to an even better you tube video.  The most difficult thing for me in making this was the pattern.  After several mistake ones I ended up tracing a cookie cutter and just enlarging it.  I then cut the good copy onto a heavy cardstock to create the pattern.

Another helpful tip, is to place burlap onto wax paper, and generously cover with mod podge.  Wait until the modge podge is completely dry, 1-2 hours.  After one side was dry but the one touching the wax paper was still wet, I carefully peeled the burlap off and hung it to dry.


Another tip, I used zip ties to connect the flowers to the wreath.


Now Watch this…..

Burlap Flowers

And you will get this….


Final results a door she loves!



Do not be worried, it is SUPER EASY!!!







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