Marathon Training Week 6


WEEK 6 of Marathon training = complete

Here is what it looked like

  • Sunday after 1/2 Marathon 9 mile bike ride
  • Monday REST
  • Tuesday 3 mile
  • Wednesday 5 miles
  • Thursday 3 Miles
  • Friday 10 mile bike Ride(cross training day)
  • Saturday Rest(worked and wedding)
  • Sunday 9 miles

This layout will be typical of my training schedule.  Sundays will more than likely have to be my long runs days, Saturdays rest days and Fridays cross training days.  Running programs are flexible in this way as long as you get one long run in during week and continue to up the mileage.

Todays run was beautiful.  70 degrees, minimal wind, blue sky’s and sunshine.  I am glad I got up early because it will get hot.  I typically do not take photos on my runs, but the blue sky in the first picture is gorgeous.  The photo below was taken 1/4 the way up this long grade hill.  I just wanted to tackle it and get to the blue sky on top, plus I knew I only had a couple mile left.

week 6


So next weeks training will be similar to this week with two rest days, one cross training day and one long run.  Refer back to my earlier post on my marathon training program that I am following.




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