Okoboji 1/2 Marathon

Hot and sweaty, sums up this race.  Here is the weather according to the 2 weather apps I have on my phone at the start of the race.  73 degrees is great if there was low humidity but with 65% it definitely feels hotter and more muggy .  image

The route is scenic by the houses surrounding West Okoboji Lake, which are gorgeous.  The first 6 miles were in the heat of the sun, and let me tell you there was not a cloud in the sky to block it.  Our friends and family were able to find us at about mile 6, 8, 9 and 12.  This is always a perk to see your loved ones who have come to cheer you on. Miles 7-12, we’re mostly shaded but the course was hilly. By the time I hit 12 , we  had a clear view of the lakes.   We both stepped it up to bring us into the pier at a good finishing pace.


So about the pace, we both agreed this was probably not going to be a PR(personal best).  I like to stay close to an 8 minute mile, but I have never ran a race in such warm weather.  We needed to take it careful with the heat, and stay hydrated.  With this in mine we just ran, my running partner said it perfect….”this is just another run in our training for our marathon”.  Our official time was 1:54.51, with an average pace of 8’43”.


The weather was perfect at the end only for a swim in the lakes, which I did with my husband and kids!


Now starts my continued training for the Marathon.





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