We have DANISH roots…. Well actually my husband and kids do I just tag along.  My husband’s father is from Danmark.  I had the very fortunate opportunity of going to Denmark our first year in dating.  11 years later, life has blessed us with a marriage and children so I have not been back, although my husband has been back a few times to spend quality time with his grandfather and uncle before they both passed suddenly.  I know I will get my time again, but will have to wait.  Until then I love to look at the pictures that adore our house of life in DANMARK, as we have DANISH roots.    

AEBLESKIVER is traditionally prepared on Christmas morning but in our family it is served anytime.  It is a pancake/waffle with the fluffiness of a popover.  To make these lovelies, you do need a Aebleskiver pan, which is a cast iron pan with 7 holes to hold the batter.


Pre-heat the cast iron pan on medium or low to medium.  You want it hot but not scorching.  Pour the batter into the holes and cook for approximately 2-3 minutes, until you see it setting on the sides.  They you insert a fork or knife and flip the batter over and continue to cook the batter until done.  


They are just heaven to my family.  My husband and kids like them dipped in room temperature butter, then dipped in sugar.  I like them with raspberry jam but any will do.  No matter how you choose to eat them with they are sure to delight your senses as they are unique and special.  ENJOY!







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