Tex Mex Lasagna

tm2Quick and delicious meals are a must for everyone.  So when I purchased the COOKING LIGHT superfast weeknight dinners, my eyes set on the Tex-Mex Lasagna on the back cover. I was leery about the meatless recipe, not for me but for my husband.  He is…well your typical Midwestern meat and potatoes guy.   But to get out of our box, I made this and fall head over heals.  It combines lasagna, with a Mexican twist that is easy to create to your taste buds.


I like to add shredded lettuce, avocado and fresh tomatoes on top.  My oldest son likes it with more salsa and tortilla chips.  And well my meat and potatoes husband LIKES it with just sour cream.  Whatever you desire it will surely taste delicious!


recipe adapted from Cooking Light


Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins


These are my go to muffins.   This super easy recipe produces the most moist muffins ever, with the added bonus of chocolate chips.  I have had it for years and it originated from Allrecipes.com as Chocolate Banana Bread.  But through my own slight modifications over the years I have adapted it to muffins.


Before I get to the recipe I just need to tell you about these silicone reusable muffin cups.  Not only are they cute, but they are very easy to use with quick clean up and best of all the muffins come out clean, no muffin crumbs left in the cup.  I actually ordered  mine from some junk mail order but here are similar ones sold online, Amazon.com silicone muffin cups.  I highly recommend them.


chocolate chip banana muffins

adapted from ALLRECIPIES.COM Chocolate Banana Bread


Marathon Training Week 6


WEEK 6 of Marathon training = complete

Here is what it looked like

  • Sunday after 1/2 Marathon 9 mile bike ride
  • Monday REST
  • Tuesday 3 mile
  • Wednesday 5 miles
  • Thursday 3 Miles
  • Friday 10 mile bike Ride(cross training day)
  • Saturday Rest(worked and wedding)
  • Sunday 9 miles

This layout will be typical of my training schedule.  Sundays will more than likely have to be my long runs days, Saturdays rest days and Fridays cross training days.  Running programs are flexible in this way as long as you get one long run in during week and continue to up the mileage.

Todays run was beautiful.  70 degrees, minimal wind, blue sky’s and sunshine.  I am glad I got up early because it will get hot.  I typically do not take photos on my runs, but the blue sky in the first picture is gorgeous.  The photo below was taken 1/4 the way up this long grade hill.  I just wanted to tackle it and get to the blue sky on top, plus I knew I only had a couple mile left.

week 6


So next weeks training will be similar to this week with two rest days, one cross training day and one long run.  Refer back to my earlier post on my marathon training program that I am following.



Italian Layer Bake



You know you have a great recipe who you can barely get a picture of the food before it is all eaten.  When supper was done, I went for a quick bike ride as the husband and kids ate.  I came home to 2/3 of the pan gone.


The layer bake is an easy one to put together and high on taste.  We like ours topped with a little marinara sauce, to make it out of this world.


For the meat, I used what is least expensive or on sale at my local little grocery store.  I have used deli meat but this time the prepackaged thin sliced meat was super cheap so I went that route.  You can also substitute another cheese if you prefer one flavor over another.  Sometimes I like to add a little cheddar, because I like the sharp taste.


Recipe adapted from Mr. Food






Dad’s Birthday


My dad’s birthday follows shortly after mine.  When I was young we would often celebrate them together.  So in thinking of a cake for my dad, I was actually thinking not.  I was a little caked out, from my birthday cake and the cakes I made over the 4th.  So instead I opted for a bar…a cheesecake bar to be exact.


These were the perfect alternative to the birthday cake, the center is very creamy and with the subtle strawberry swirl they were a great summer birthday threat.


The original recipe is a made for an 8 x 8 inch pan.  I knew this would not be enough as we love leftovers.  So I upped the recipe to fit a 9 x 13 inch pan, used strawberries instead of raspberries because this is what I had on hand and opted not to use the lemons. The results: sweet, creamy, delicious dessert.  Actually for the mouth my oldest,  “mom, these bars are AWESOME”.




Happy 65th Birthday Dad!

Recipe adapted from Handle the Heat






Okoboji 1/2 Marathon

Hot and sweaty, sums up this race.  Here is the weather according to the 2 weather apps I have on my phone at the start of the race.  73 degrees is great if there was low humidity but with 65% it definitely feels hotter and more muggy .  image

The route is scenic by the houses surrounding West Okoboji Lake, which are gorgeous.  The first 6 miles were in the heat of the sun, and let me tell you there was not a cloud in the sky to block it.  Our friends and family were able to find us at about mile 6, 8, 9 and 12.  This is always a perk to see your loved ones who have come to cheer you on. Miles 7-12, we’re mostly shaded but the course was hilly. By the time I hit 12 , we  had a clear view of the lakes.   We both stepped it up to bring us into the pier at a good finishing pace.


So about the pace, we both agreed this was probably not going to be a PR(personal best).  I like to stay close to an 8 minute mile, but I have never ran a race in such warm weather.  We needed to take it careful with the heat, and stay hydrated.  With this in mine we just ran, my running partner said it perfect….”this is just another run in our training for our marathon”.  Our official time was 1:54.51, with an average pace of 8’43”.


The weather was perfect at the end only for a swim in the lakes, which I did with my husband and kids!


Now starts my continued training for the Marathon.






We have DANISH roots…. Well actually my husband and kids do I just tag along.  My husband’s father is from Danmark.  I had the very fortunate opportunity of going to Denmark our first year in dating.  11 years later, life has blessed us with a marriage and children so I have not been back, although my husband has been back a few times to spend quality time with his grandfather and uncle before they both passed suddenly.  I know I will get my time again, but will have to wait.  Until then I love to look at the pictures that adore our house of life in DANMARK, as we have DANISH roots.    

AEBLESKIVER is traditionally prepared on Christmas morning but in our family it is served anytime.  It is a pancake/waffle with the fluffiness of a popover.  To make these lovelies, you do need a Aebleskiver pan, which is a cast iron pan with 7 holes to hold the batter.


Pre-heat the cast iron pan on medium or low to medium.  You want it hot but not scorching.  Pour the batter into the holes and cook for approximately 2-3 minutes, until you see it setting on the sides.  They you insert a fork or knife and flip the batter over and continue to cook the batter until done.  


They are just heaven to my family.  My husband and kids like them dipped in room temperature butter, then dipped in sugar.  I like them with raspberry jam but any will do.  No matter how you choose to eat them with they are sure to delight your senses as they are unique and special.  ENJOY!